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'A Day With Melody' - James' Blog Post

The Boyfriend writes about spending a day with one of us...that's it...we don't currently have a response rf opinion. He's got a couple more blog posts we will be importing now that we've completed THE BIG MOVE...If you want to read them go check it his blog: ) in the is the boyfriends blog post about Melody.

We wrote today, it's about two Previous Posts back...and you know we'll be writing about something tomorrow...we got nuthin' but time.


I got to spend an entire day with Melody today (13th October), it was a wonderful day and I wanted to share it.

About Melody: The first place to see a short introduction to Melody is on their mapping site In short Melody is a 12 year old alter, her age chosen by herself because she didn't want the grief of being an adult and all the emotions / hurt that goes along with that. A part of this is also to do with her role with in the "et al" - Melody is the one that helps them get over bad experiences and she acts as a mediator, something she can only do well if she is free from emotions and can therefore remain impartial. She doesn't take sides, she doesn't have favourites and she doesn't (tries not to) have feelings. As well as being able to shut these out for herself she can also help take emotions and feelings from the group which helps them recover from upsets.
I have started to keep track of the switching, noting as best as I can who is around, what the day has been like and any possible triggers. Here's part of my notes for this day:

Melody is not supposed to let feelings and emotions effect her (this is my take on it, the alternative being that she is just not capable but I know that’s not true) yet she has been down, sad and a little moody; She seems to suffer with the negative emotions. I wonder if the others push their negative emotions onto her just as they might push feelings of paranoia onto Catherine.

What this means for me is that Melody can sometimes appear emotionally cold though that's not always true. The lack of emotions and feelings is something Melody chose, in that she tries not to have them though there are occasional slips. The important thing though is that when it matters, she is able to push them all away.
I've written before how Melody once said that she "will try not to be around too long" because she thinks I'd rather be with someone that can show affection towards me. Cassandra once said it too and to both of them I responded by saying they should never think that, that I always love being with them, with any of them. And today I got to spend an entire day with Melody and it was a really good day.

Something I'll add here as it's a thought that I want to keep: There have been times recently when I would have liked to be with Melody and talk to her about things (mainly about me, partly about "us") and it would have been good to speak with someone that can remain impartial and someone I can talk to about my idiocies knowing any answers I'd get were just as impartial read: "100% honest" (not implying any of the others are dishonest).

I was feeling quite ill today and Melody did everything she could to help me and look after me, including offering to make lunch for us. We played video games and watched a movie and we got a real chance to talk. Several times Melody even allowed herself to laugh at a few things.

Unlike the others, Melody (along with Sam) doesn't particularly enjoy being on twitter but does so because "it's the rules". Melody has her own things that she likes doing but is seldom given the chance to do them and this can upset her (as much as she does get upset) and given the chance (I told her she should do the things she likes doing and if necessary I will speak to the others about it) she would do research and look at news.
Frank et al: Melody isn't around much and I know there are "rules" about what needs to be done during the day but please, I'm asking you, give her some slack.

Towards the end of the day, when we were sitting on the sofa talking I used her name a lot but the next day I was told that she requested I didn't as it makes her uncomfortable, in what way I didn't ask.

In short today was a great day and I enjoyed being with Melody. She got a little down (yes, more "emotions") because she felt she hadn't been very productive but over all it was a fun day. Melody did say though that she doesn't like being "out" so long and would rather someone else was executive but as with any of them, I'd love to spend more time with her.

Melody: (sorry, can't think how to address this to you without using your name) Thank you for this day, I hope we get to spend more time together if you can stand it. Please don't ever think that I wouldn't want to spend time with you.
I love you Mel... Sorry, I love you. Thank you.

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