Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

We turned the keys in to the caretaker and had our final inspection for the old was sad, walking away from the door of the only home we've had that we never really wanted to leave. Saying goodbye the street we lived on, by far the coolest place we've ever lived...saying goodbye to the street where we used to dance on the sidewalks during the weekends, Twitter in hand. Goodbye to the grocery store where we danced on danced, listened to music and tweeted in the early days. Goodbye, liquor store...where they knew our face too well.

We turned in the hall outside the apartment as we were walking away...

"One last time" we said to The Boyfriend. And we reached our hand to the door to twist the knob below the peep hole that rang the coolest doorbell ever, it sounds ancient. Sad face.

Moving is never hard for us, this time it was a little than usual. We've moved over 26 times in the past 18 or so years, mostly as "adults". We're growing tired of it. And so much had happened to us in the year we lived in that apartment

But, it's done, this time, it's clean...we will never be back there again. Tomorrow, all going to plan, we meet with a real estate agent and asses the damage on the property we've been renting for a year, but tonight. Tonight we drink on a comfy bed in a local hotel, and watch cable (we haven't watched TV in over a year)...hopefully catch some Halloween specials on TV...maybe something with giant rabbits.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...we don't get candy this year, just like last year...but we have the best, sweetest, treat ever...The Boyfriend by our side.
And now...your Treat!
This video contains A LOT of scenes containing blood, graphic violence, gore, know, all the right fixin's for Halloween.
This clip is almost 9 minutes long...just a heads up...or off.

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