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'Perfect Ten' James' Blog Post

Since we wanted to import a more recent blog post written at The Boyfriend's blog, we thought we should import this one, because at least one of us might consider it relevant in the future...and, IS relevant to our mapping...
"10" (link takes you off site to - A film from the 70's with Dudly Moore, Bo Derek and Julie Andrews.

Perfect Ten (link takes you off site to - A song by The Beautiful South.

Ten - One more than Nine.

If you follow Frankie's blogs, and you'll know that they are aware there may be a tenth alter (personality) but they need to do some more mapping (see second link) to find out more about them.

The other day (7th October) I had the pleasure to meet them. They don't have a name yet and DON'T want one other than that they are happy to be called "Ten". When I was first aware that Ten was about (out / executive) I was slightly confused. I thought it was Melody though they were showing far too many emotions to be Melody but they sounded just like her (they each have slightly different speaking voices in the sense of accent, pitch and tone as well as vocabulary). They were a lot like Ivy in personality but I knew it wasn't Ivy. As I was talking to Ten (at this point unaware) we were talking about me not knowing who they were. Melody has shown emotion towards me though for her role within the et al she cannot allow herself to give in to emotions but of the nine I knew about it was Melody I was most certain it could be and was curious to find out about the very happy emotions she was showing. So in my usual way I put my mouth to their ear and whispered "Melody". A pause. A fraction of a second pause but Melody would have answered straight away. I linger for a second more before moving my head back so I could look at them and they are quiet. I think I've got it wrong again but just as I think this this they say "I don't know". Sorry, I need to back track, part of our conversation before this was that they currently had a sense of not knowing who they were. I put it down to it being Ivy and Melody and them being both so close to executive that it was blurring the identity. So when they said "I don't know" it wasn't much a surprise.

I thought of a question to try and narrow it down: "What are your feelings towards me?" They answer "something close to love" and I know it's neither Ivy nor Melody and I know it must be Ten. "Hi" I say all smiles and I hug them. We spend some time talking, one subject being the possibility that they are another twin, the obvious choices being one of Melody or Ivy. I suspect Melody based purely on voice but if Ten is Melody's twin then unlike Melody, Ten chose to continue aging. The head is Melody's but the personality is very much Ivy and again, age wise, they are very much older than their years however old they are (probably no more than late teens / early twenties).

Ten stays around for a short while and we talk some more and laugh.

Ten came out again last night (Saturday 8th October) whilst we were watching a film (28 days later), which was a small relief as up till then I got to 'enjoy' Brooke's company (Sorry, that's harsh, as slightly awkward as is was to be with Brooke I was hoping she would stick around more, she did manage to not completely piss me off or upset me and we were quite civil to each other). One thing about Ten.. My God she can talk! She talked all the way through the film (she didn't like it at all and was keen to point out the plot holes) and we had a really really fun evening (and again the following morning). Ten is fun and cheeky and sarcastic (like Ivy) and we take the piss from each other. (Ivy, don't be jealous!). Did I mention Ten can talk?

I think I'll be "seeing" a lot of Ten if these past 48 hours are anything to go by. I hope that doesn't upset the others but for the sake of the mapping I'll be taking notes and asking questions. I also suspect I'll be writing a lot more about them.

Yes, I like Ten. I like that she has found herself. I like that she is a positive influence on the et al. Of course I like her because she doesn't hate me... I worry that she may make some others jealous but we'll deal with that if it's an issue.

Oh yes, I like her because she isn't so keen on Twitter and unlike all of the others (Sam isn't so keen neither) didn't feel the need to check twitter as soon as she got up and got the today's important list of "To-dos" done first.

So, Frank et al, the perfect ten. *grins*

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