Monday, October 17, 2011

Things That Don't Make Sense

Some things just don't make's one of them.

Today we went to our property insurance providers to let them know we would be canceling our apartment insurance and that our house would be vacant as of November 1st because the tenants are moving out and we are putting it up for sale.

Of course we knew about the extra dollar a day charged for a "permit" to have it empty, what we were not expecting was the 25% surcharge for a "non-supported business" (yes, a rental property is technically a business...we won't argue that.)

We thought on it, looked to James, contemplated canceling the insurance altogether (insurance, mind you, on that one property, has already cost us $2000 + for a year)...then we decided to keep it. We told him there was no way, with out run of "luck" that we wanted to leave the house empty and un-insured when we won't be in the city...let alone the country, while it sells.

So we agreed, yes, we will maintain the insurance and pay the surcharge. (to the tune of $500+, in addition to the $2000 + we spent in July)

The insurance broker slides over a piece of paper for us to sign that says we recognize that this new coverage does not cover: Vandalism, Arson & Malicious Acts, Broken Glass, & Water and Electrical damage caused by leaking pipes.

We pause with our pen on the signature line. Wait. What?

"'re telling me that you are changing 25% more for less coverage?"

"Well, yes", she says, "it being empty means it's more susceptible to vandalism and arson."

We repeat our previous sentence and verbally elaborate of how stupid that sounds.

Okay. "[...] it's more susceptible to vandalism and arson." Fucking DUH. That's why we are keeping the insurance. Otherwise, what's the point in keeping it?

We wanted the house insured for those things because we won't be here, and it will be empty. If the insurance won't cover that then why, again, are we carrying coverage. And what is the coverage for?!

"Accidental fire"? Maybe. But they'd find a way to say it was arson, we're sure.
"Breaking and Entering"? maybe, but there's going to be nothing in the house to steal.
Sure, someone might injure themselves on the property, but this is fucking Canada...nobody really sues for their own stupidity, and health coverage is already taken care of...

Walking out the of the building James lovingly helped us realize we actually paid extra money for almost nothing. We paid for all the things we were afraid might happen, but are not covered for those things...does this make sense? Essentially now we've paid a total of $2500 for no coverage. Do you see what I am saying? Everything that now happens on that property can easily fall under "Vandalism, Arson & Malicious Acts, Broken Glass, & Water and Electrical damage caused by leaking pipes". Lovely, right?

We're still trying to wrap our head around the whole makes no sense. Pretty sure we were just bent over some sort of barrel. The world is a strange place. And this one is a strange expensive place.

~Catherine (& et als)

P.S. about five days until the big move!

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