Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Fabulous Goodbye

Tonight we say our "final" goodbye to Fabulous Person, a woman who stood by our side through very difficult times this year, didn't judge us when we had "crazy" things to share, even when she witnessed what most people would view as disturbing behavior (painful screaming, wild & insane ranting, episodes of paranoia, and more). A woman who more than once, even up until this past July, we felt comfortable enough to ask for things we could never ask anyone for, like helping us with suicide watches for ourselves when things got really bad, as they tend to do with us, occasionally.

We wrote about her recently on our Tumblr account, after her most recent visit, as well as countless times here on this blog over this past year.
"This is a Tumblr post about Fabulous People, who is now Fabulous Person, because mini-her grew up while we were not looking and as such is gone, moved out, and we don’t see her anymore.It won’t be the last time we see her, but one of them…Fabulous Person…she is our friend, in the flesh, and on Twitter…she was there, as someone we barely knew in our early days, in times of great pain and transition; called upon when we destroyed our host, our main alter, The Other Girl, early this year, as we lay on the kitchen floor, screaming in pain, some of us confused, destroying one of us who would not let us live…after a Friday of calling her, The Other Girl, frantic with confusion as to what was happening to her…confused and alone, stumbling home after a final event that weakened her and assisted our destruction of her. Fabulous Person who we worked with, wrote about in our main blog, was our, and is, our friend.Fabulous People endured and accepted things that “normal people” would assume insane, “supernatural”…things that others would have us comitted for.She follows us here, on Twiiter and on Facebook. She is our friend, we admire her…for her strength, her beauty - we have admired her from the first time we met her as a volunteer in our previous place of employment, her ability to live life for herself, not others; her ability to accept things, no matter how obsucure, odd and unusual.When we leave this city, this country we have called home for almost seven years…she will be the person we carry in our heart. The Person, from this city, the place we have lived for longer than any part of our adult life, she will be the one we carry with us in our heart. The one who accepted us in times of confusion, our great pain…in times that we will never be able to erase form our heart…she will be there.You are, and were, and always will be, a wonderful friend…we wish the entire world could know her as we do.<3 Ivy, and Frank et al      [imported from the original Tumblr post:]
It's goodbye, but a goodbye that leaves us knowing it's not permanent...our paths with her will cross again some day, we know this. We have faith in this (as much as we possibly can).

She has been the most supportive, interesting female we have ever met...she is patient, wise, smart, kind, not judgmental, funny. She is simply lovely...the kind of lovely that comes from a life of difficult times, hard lessons, perseverance; the kind of lovely from life experiences that come together to create a wicked sense of humour and an understanding heart.

Tonight she'll be having dinner with us - we're making spaghetti bolognaise (that's just the fancy word for spaghetti and meat sauce, of course we'll be adding mushrooms) from scratch, obviously...and garlic bread, and for dessert, banana split sundaes! (we made the pineapple sauce for it yesterday)

Tomorrow we will start packing out UHaul for our big move...we're trying to blur the focus...

So, if we seem MIA tonight on Twitter (and even a bit over the weekend), you know where we are...eating, chatting, drinking...hopefully not crying too much. And then...moving...back home...which we've written about countless times over the past few weeks.

~Catherine (and et als)

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