Friday, October 21, 2011

We're Missing In Action? It's Moving Weekend!

Where is our usual obnoxious presence on Twitter today? Our random, not so random, blog posts here or on our Tumblr blog? It is Friday or Saturday? Either way, we're packing a UHaul, and "movin' on up"...down, over to the left, maybe to the right? Hundreds of miles we've written about countless times. It's not the greatest thing for us right now, but it is a temporary fix...of some sort. (You'll see the odd Tweets from us over the next 48 hours, we're sure of it...people are bound to "inspire" us.)

In the meantime, this is another "archive" post, where we share the better stuff written over the last year, to year and a half...for the benefit of people who are reading for the first time, have been having trouble figuring out what to read (there is a lot of shit here).

So here is a bit of a guide before you hit the plethora of links following these bits of words...First you'll find stories about our past, (we're not completely done with them though, we've got about three more entries to do before our life comes to this point completely). Then you'll find a huge array of things we've written in categories of topics ranging from relationships, work, life, mental health, food, general opinion, sex...and of course links to our paintings (some of us fancy ourselves an "artist")...and poetry...then there are blog posts from our guest bloggers, and some entries we imported from our boyfriends blog where we writes about life with us (the poor schmuck).

You might want to start with Who We Are: An Intro though, if you still have no idea what you are reading about here.

Also note, most every link you come across in our blog posts will keep you on this site, unless it specifies otherwise...we're not a fan of people who use keyword advertising and that type of thing, we're here to inform, educate, postulate & entertain. Not necessarily in that order, of course.

Have a fun weekend, we'll be back in some regular form on Sunday.

The Mental Health Entries:
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder

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