Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks For The Freedom


It is a celebration of thanks, to be certain...but also, a time to remember what the privilege of beng an American really cost. Yes, we know…this isn’t Independence Day, but Thanksgiving is a celebration that paved the path to Independence Day, whether you know the history, or can appreciate it, or even agree – this is our view. This is the time of year we acknowledge the real people who died for our freedom.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that originally paved the way to the beginning of White America being founded. Many U.S. history books neglect to comment* on the fate of the helpful Indians, nor do schools generally discuss what happened in the years following the Thanksgiving Feast. (For someone else’s perspective/opinion and a brief history read:, because we couldn’t write it better than he did); they merely tell you to be Thankful this time of year, often times to God.
We're not writing today to "stand on a soapbox”, we merely desire to reflect on the irony of The First Thanksgiving, and that White Europeans initially left England to find a place where they could be free to practice their own religion...and then those people tried to force the native people of this country to follow their own practices, and told them that their spiritual beliefs were wrong. They wanted a country founded on separation of religion from the government, and they went in search of land where they could enjoy religious freedom; and if you believe people found it and enjoy it, even today, then you are not living in the America we know.

This weekend people in The United States will give thanks for family, for a roof over your head, for all that they have (because many do not have the luxuries you may enjoy, even in the vast freedom and opportunity of America), some may give thanks for all the freedom that comes with being American; but we hope they don't forget to give thanks to the people who used to live in the place they/we now call our country. They will not remember, or likely acknowledge, when Giving Thanks this weekend, that there were people who died trying to protect the land that was theirs, from people, some theirs, yours and our ancestors, so we could enjoy our freedoms, while taking it away from others. If people are to be proud and thankful then they should also recognize and understand in order to appreciate truly, all that they have; empty thanks and ignorant pride is worse than pride itself. (If you are to subscribe to things like basic "sin")
I'd like to be thankful for the freedoms we have, despite our personal misfortunes...but I find it hard without being disrespectful, so instead I am, we are, humbled by not only the tragedies of the past, but the lives of people.

Don’t agree? That’s fine, we’ve written about Freedom, and how much we are thankful for things like freedom of speech (…have a problem with us expressing our freedom? What kind of American would you be if you did?


The following excerpts are only a portion (about 1/3rd) of the original story, which can be found here:

And just for fun....

Happy Thanksgiving by the way, a day when the average American will, in one meal alone, consume at least 3000 calories. ("Your Body On A Holiday Feast". Women's Health Magazine. November 2011: 20). We can hardly wait to throw the feed bag on...

And while you enjoy gorging yourself this Thanksgiving…be thankful.

Simpson just announced to the world via HuffPost Weird News that she's decided to go on a diet, but she's having a hard time letting go of the "prestige" that goes along with the honor of being America's heaviest woman -- and said she views Eman as an upstart trying to usurp her hard-earned fame. (More.... seriously, it's worth the read...)
Because attempting to be the fattest woman in America is considered an "upstart" (a term generally used to describe entrepreneurship)...

Proud and Thankful to Be An American...

~Ivy ...and some et al...
(I would recognize those et als who are present for this entry today, however, since they do not often share my loving nature...they shall remain nameless...if I was to convey a message they are giving me, it's somewhere around the "Shut the fuck up with this touchy feely caring bullshit, nobody deserves to be thankful for shit, who cares...". Yep, so thankful...)

*We recommend reading The Language Police by Diane Ravitch to learn how history is changed over time due to government and special interest policies.


  1. Sappy, I know, but I'm most thankful this year for you, Frankie. You have blown my mind, made me laugh until tears rolled down my face, and cry uncontrollably. My mind has been expanded to the possibility that you bring to it and my strongest hope is that you continue to find happiness, continued love and a real home. I'm looking forward to your Stabbing Tour & we shall have Tshirts for sure.
    Much Love,

  2. You are so so sweet, Minxy <3
    We hope you had a fantabulous Thanksgiving weekend and you made it through all the family B.S. and stress *hugs*

    ~Frank et al