Monday, November 7, 2011

My Not So Random Return

I don’t have a lot to say today. I’m back, which is nice. Who knows how long it will last. James is pretty happy, he figured he wouldn't be seeing me again until after we left The Mothers house in January, when we set out for a couple of months in Europe/The UK.

He gets so soppy (that’s our/his word for romantic) whenever I am around. Today I told him that if he cries I’d punch him in the stomach, it seemed to keep his tears at bay. He's such a beautiful man for putting up with some of the bullshit some of the Others put him through. But as he is fond of saying "It's a good job you're pretty", always with a happy grin.

I imagine I am back because I have some writing to do (none of us have been able to figure out what triggers all of us, only some of us), and they (the Others) need my assistance since I am one who carries some key memories of the last couple of years, particularly the last year. They have been having a difficult time writing the final portions of our life story (found over there to the left under ☟THE CHAPTERS OF FRANK/HOW WE CAME TO BE US/ADDRESSING WE☟ Now located here: it needs to be done before the end of the year. 

There isn’t much to say today. While driving around a bit this afternoon we came upon a pink Ford Ecoline…the type of van we plan to use to travel the United States starting in the spring. I squealed with delight when I saw it parked in the dealer lot…the price is right, and it's in great shape...but it’s too soon to purchase it, given the house is still in market transition...but if it stays long enough...

"I can't wait to be seen driving a pink van", James stated, but we know he's actually pretty excited at the idea, probably he would prefer it to be blue, or green...

It did give us a great idea for the trip, if we find a white one in as good condition…it’d be awesome to have a pink van (or one that has some colour), and put big flower decals on it, or bullet holes...or slash marks...and just make it awesome, because why not (we'll be living in for a year, after all). It'd be easy to locate in those WalMart parking lots we plan on hooking into (*rolls eyes in disgust*)

Ivy would love it, she could have her pseudo-hippy experience complete with flowers (potentially) all over the van, which was actually The Father's idea - a bit of joke of course, but he knows parts of us; and traveling the USA in a van (granted it's no VW van...), and camping/staying at campgrounds just sounds like a relatively inexpensive but great adventure for us to write about. Don’t you think?

We’re starting to approach the planning stages, like acquiring a generator so we can run the laptops (and the coffeemaker, mus'nt forget the coffeemaker...) from any location. We’ve got the mobile hotspot device purchased so we can get a plan for wireless coverage all over the United States...without a phone/texting plan, because honestly...who uses a phone as a phone anymore? Not us.

It’s a nice diversion, planning this trip, but it’s going to have to hit a back burner for a bit, and I’m going to need to carve out a chunk of precious time to focus on writing…in case anyone wonders about our intermittent absences in the next weeks...hopefully we can work together, and write fast, because we tend to miss out friends who exist on Twitter...and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Cheers, for now…I have a deer to skin pretty soon (yes, James will be making a video of it...)

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