Friday, November 11, 2011

A Random Friday Post random is that chicken wearing a Sombrero?
It's Friday...we (Frank) wrote this morning but didn't get done with the entry, hopefully it'll be finished by the end of the weekend; and apparently the video The Boyfriend is editing, of us skinning the deer, needs our "assistance"...but this picture was gleaned from it. It's not the greatest, we wanted an orange (real deer hunting colors) ski mask, but we got this duck hunting colored one instead.
Um....for sexier pics you can go here: - because...we know (the sexist part is the hunting knife in our hand).

Aside from writing we finished cutting up that deer (, having de-boned it last night, and finished cleaning it today, putting the jerky worthy slices to marinate until tomorrow (in a little soy sauce, fresh garlic, a LOT of Worcestershire, and some brown sugar)...we'll put it in the food dehydrator (The Mother has a big with over 20 strays, and a butcher-block top) in the morning, and within 24 hours we'll have venison jerky. Next week we'll grind the deer and make a different kind of jerky.

From one small female deer we netted about 3.5 gallons of venison stock, a 5 gallon pail of bits to grind, a 5 gallon pail of stew bits, two tenderloins which we immediately made for dinner on Wednesday ( and what else? That may be it.

Today we started the Google Map for our "#2012StabbingTour" (the adventure we wrote about at the beginning of Septemeber which will be added to the above page tabs titled 'Our 2012 Adventure Plans' (a new page addition to our blog).

So, there you have it. We accomplished a lot of nothing today, which is generally how it goes around here.

Happy Friday night, friends, family, readers, followers, and more....

~Frank et al

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