Thursday, November 17, 2011

Show And Tell

Bet you wonder what we do all day, since we're hardly ever on Twitter during the daylight hours these days

Okay, so you probably don't wonder, but we're gonna tell you anyway!

We've started making designs for t-shirts/products. We're not going to make the link super public just yet, but our Friends on Facebook got the link last night, and we're uploading the images to an album there.

Some of the designs will have our better/more popular Tweets on them with imagery that corresponds...Want to see some samples?

Sure ya don't! But we're gonna fucking show you anyway.

Here is a far we have nine designs...but we're not going to show you all of them, we'll be making more over the next couple of days, as long as I can locate Ivy again. We're not all as creative as she is, and without her influence at all...yeah, I'm just going to have a few drinks.

American Standards...Toilets...setting the bar for America. :)This design is dedicated to our follower/"TwitterPal" @GASmithIV, he is a political inspiration to one of us.
We got the inspiration for this design from a follower (@JoeMacGiggity) who wrote the word in a tweet to us one day this past week.
Probably how Jesus would feel about people claiming to see him in their toast.
This one is a Special Addition version of a similar, but less "patriotic" design we did.
Here is an example of our "logo"...that's's on a cutting board. It's also on a lot of other stuff though.
All of our designs are going to be on t-shirts, and BBQ aprons and ipad/laptop sleves and coasters, and travel mugs (you know, for wine) and all sorts of fun stuff!

So, yeah, that's what we've been doing, mostly because...well, why not? We can't spend ALL day on Twitter, and there is nothing to do in this fucking town...and we're not about to look for a job when we only have less than two months before we go to Europe with James (The Boyfriend).

Meh, it's exciting for us anyway...and we needed a break from writing.

Last weekend after Frank and us wrote the newest entry/next chapter to our life we became fairly "down in the dumps" for a few days, we didn't drink all weekend, we didn't drink until last night, actually. We were sad, and we lay in bed and felt like shit, mentally and physically. It took a lot out of us to gather our memories together, and the memories are becoming more recent ones, and it's stuff some of us are already trying to pawn off on each other, things we've tried to forget The Other Girl., for example; because some of us would prefer to forget a lot. But that's not how we are going to operate anymore, so ... it's a struggle with each other.

We're better-ish now of course, we're just going to write about some things that interest us for awhile, and use whatever skills we have to pull through the next week or so...because, Thanksgiving, you know...the first one with The Brothers and The Mother since we were in our early teens.

We plan to get back to the painting soon, but the basement doesn't have the space (or lighting) for setting up the easel, and the garage is a bit chilly for now; The Step-Dad is having heat put in and an insulated door, because he's going to turn it into his "man-cave", so once he does that we can use it during the day as a painting studio. Ivy sure would like to get back to painting, we have a couple we need to finish and just ordered two rolls of canvas and stretcher strips to stretch about 18 new canvases. Until then, we have other things to do that help each of us cope with new living quarters.

It's all about keeping our head above water...when some days all we want to do is shove ourselves under.


P.S. In case you don't poke around here much, I imported our better stuff from our recommendations page, it's got some good stuff about mental health, food, art, opinion, even sex! It's also got stuff we've written about things that have happened to us this last year, things with friends, families and people we love(d)...the list goes on and are free to read whatever you want of it...or not.

The Mental Health Entries:
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder

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