Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Non-existent Blog Post

Today's blog post does not exist.

We're dipping our toe back into Twitter tonight, even though it was only a couple of days away, it feels like much longer once you sit in front of it. There has to be some equation of real time vs. Twitter time, some sort of factor that includes everything staying the same, but not. We've commented more than once that a month off of Twitter equates to nearly forever. It breaks the spell, and one is not likely to come back after such a break...maybe after a year long "real time" hiatus.

We're not willing to test that theory.

All the happened when we left Twitter was that the need, desire, whatever it is, to be social (but not) was transferred to Facebook...where it is harder (though less so for us since most of our Facebook Friends are Twitter followers) to be ones "Twitter self".
Honestly, we're not much different there, we just have more than 140 characters to work with, and an "audience" (of friends) who like the shit we share.

Tomorrow we're planning an odd entry here, a make-up review...weird, right?

For now, we enjoy this wine, and enjoy the Twitter, and enjoy the fact that we are a citizen of one of the many countries in the world that have some freedoms (no matter how dwindling they might be).

Happy 4th of July...America...

No "preaching" here...today; but you better believe, there is something brewing.

Guess a blog post did exist.

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