Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does That Bitch Tweet...

Us. We're that bitch.

Or are we? (*whispers* we are...)

No "awesome" blog post about politics, guns, religion, mental health, etc.. is all about Tweets. (we're written a lot about social we go again.)

100,000 tweets! This blog post link, on Twitter, will mark 100,000 Tweets.

That's a pretty big milestone on Twitter, as far as milestones go. In under two years we're Tweeted our face off. Or have we?

Just like follower/following counts, which really mean nothing, tweet counts are also subjective, and do not represent all of personal contribution.

Out of 100%
- 53% RT's
- 32% @ Replies
which means only 15% of the content that comes out of our account is pure Tweets of our own, 3% of all Tweets have contained a link (we used to link to our blog a whole lot more, and share music links on Sundays), and 1% that have contained hashtags.

This rate has changed a lot over the past nearly two years, of course, and it adjusts day to day, week to week (before this past week the RT ratio was over 60%).

Where did we get that information anyway?

Follower Review ( a fun little app/tool that enables you to review anyone on Twitter, including yourself and will also give you a followback ratio percentage. Ours ratio is 54%, but that's because nearly 100% of the people WE followback are active people (those who are humans, and have Tweeted at least once in the last month) - again...follower/following counts really mean nothing)

100,000 Tweets...or rather 15,000 tweets...(wow, it just FEELS like more than that)

But what did we tweet in those 15,000 nuggets of 140 characters or less, way back in the beginning?

Pretty soon we'll be able to find out, as Twitter is working on the ability to let its users access all of their old tweets (, Finally!

We can barely wait to find out what our first Tweet was way back in October of 2010 (seriously, we can wait, we have no idea what our first three months, which got us our first couple of thousand followers on Twitter, even entailed...but we're sure our first Tweet was uninspiring, as they usually are); But it will be interesting to be able to access them, any maybe refresh them and make them

53,000 RT'sTwitter has held some importance to us (a lot in 2011), as it does with many people who have used it as a tool to get through mental illness blips, family hardships, and life struggles, and the fact that we can supported the witty, gritty, and honest people who follow us, through RTing (a simple act that actually makes people happy), makes Twitter that much more fun.

What's the point of this blog post?
It's kinda fun (for us), especially since we wrote one for our 50,000 Tweets, last summer, and 50,000 was a benchmark that "got" us a man. (we're talking about James, of course...who we are celebrating our one year anniversary with tomorrow!)

Thanks to all who have stuck with us through all 100,000. You have turned Twitter into a place that feels like family.

We will try to not Twittercide all over this benchmark now. ;-)
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  1. Frankly, that is damn impressive.

    Congrats on the anniversary too!

  2. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the milestone. Have been watching this past week, waiting for it.

  3. Beautiful news, Frankie! And Happy Anniversary to all of you and James-- a year, especially the first one is a big deal!