Thursday, July 26, 2012

Down With Twitter...What The Effi

Twitter is down, it's ours and James' obviously we're taking advantage of listening to music and playing on the internet. (we're celebrating later)

We found this pretty cool band called Effi, and we wanted to share it with music lovers who visit our blog now and then. How did we find it? We have our ways, we listen to some of the most obscure shit. (so we've been told)


Effi is a German indie band/project (named after a novel) spearheaded by Thomas Petrich, whose music can be characterized by many genres, including electro-acoustic and swing. This was the first song we caught from the band, and obviously we had to go look for it on YouTube, which revealed this awesome (even though the lyrics are actually sad) and campy video.

Listen, watch, enjoy. Laugh. Bop your head. Don't be dead inside.

And then...

Listen to some samples from their new (2011) album, 'Astronaut', via Google play: (we recommend Summer Sun and Happy) or
on YouTube, where you can listen to full version, some with video:

Visit their spot on MySpace (yes, people still use that, primarily musicians):

Check them out on Facebook (yes, people still use that, primarily, most people):

...And/or buy a track or two of their work at your favourite place, we're not supporting them through a iTunes link, but you can find them on (we do not have an affiliate account)

...or, if you lack funds, you can always find a torrent (REALLY hard to we've heard) and download it for review...until you raise the funds to buy it legally. *cough*

Happy Thursday! Hope you found something fun to do while Twitter was down.

Maybe you checked out Google+ and found it's not such a remorseful place.

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