Monday, July 16, 2012

Normal Life


We just want to start our "normal life".

We appreciate The Mother allowing us to live in her basement, with James, for the three months we have been here over the past 9 months...but we really feel like we've overstayed our welcome. We've taken to spending more time in the basement, in our bedroom, and we've gotten a "request to be out" date of October...which, while not intentional we are sure, has added to our stress.

We can't rent, as we have no income/credit history in the United States...having lived and worked in Canada since 2004, up until last October; and since the area we want to move to is not within even four hours of our current living area...long-term employment is not possible. And James can't work until his paperwork to stay in the United States clears. The money we have saved need to be re-invested in one of the two distressed properties we love that are currently on the market.

Waiting for the two properties that fit our needs, and wants, to fall in asking price is killing us. We've been in several bidding negations with one. Each has so much work to do, and with winter, despite the high temps, right around the's making us, we and James, nervous...nervous for the things that need to be done to distressed properties that has sat empty for a year, to make it ready for living in through a cold winter (insulation upgrades, furnace checks, so much).

We just want to have a normal life, with the man in our life, and start a home again. It's been nine months since we left the last place that was our home. We miss having a home. We miss being a functional adult. We miss...that little bit of "normal".

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