Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween - as scary as it gets for me.

Just returning from a shopping adventure with my best gal, Ninja Princess, I am beginning to fret about my costume clothing choice.

About two weeks back, fueled by several glasses of vino (stickily white for this girl, the red stuff makes me hot and tingly, and not in the good ways), Ninja Princess and I began to discuss the impending costume choices for Halloween.  She had decided she probably wanted to be a devil, and myself, thinking that would be a great costume but deciding I couldn't also be a devil, came up with the idea of being her mistress. The Devils Mistress. 

Now this isn't usually my M.O. - to jump to something...that will require uncomfortable clothing.

When out to bar I prefer the comfort of jeans (...well, is it comfort if they cut your circulation off though?;)...) and some sort of top that looks sophisticated (well, that's what I like to think anyway) and not slutty or cheap.  The outfit selected this evening is none of these things.  

Yes people, for the first year in my life I have chosen a character for Halloween that one can only dress provocatively to pull off correctly. Good thing it's the only time of year that any woman can dress like this and get away with it.  (Meanwhile, am I too old to start the sexy Halloween costume?)

I can't tell you how terrified I am.

And now that this costume sits waiting, all red and black, ominously on the sofa, for me to try it on again.

The panic will set in, as soon as I pull that outfit over my head tonight and stand in front of my bedroom mirror; panic that I will be in an actual bar, with actual people, in such a short, "sexy", outfit. Thank goodness it has some sort of sleeve so I don't feel naked.  

I am beginning to contemplate just how I will dance how I like to dance, usually in the safety of my jeans, while wearing such a thing; my head is already pounding, and I haven't put it back on yet.

By the way, this "thing" is a very short red dress featuring black accent, a saloon girl-pirate wench air about it, without being too obviously wild west or to "pirate", with a corset style bodice that ties up the back and a peekaboo slit backed by black mesh on the leg.  I just hope this thing can pull of a return of some free drinks.

This might be the most terrifying Halloween yet.

Any suggestions on how I'm gonna pull this off? Wearing it that is, I'm sure taking it off won't be a problem. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter;)


  1. Ninja Princess? Is that the best you could do for fictional name purposes. Now I will never be able to look at Ninja the same again LOL

    As for your costume, you worry too much. Just have fun. It's only once a year and with a hot body like yours, and a sparkling character that senses fun, dancing, drinking and just plain partying with your friends...in the likely hood I can see a part II to this blog. *giggle* oh and I am sure you will get free drinks. *That's a compliment*

    Have fun!!!!! :D

  2. Ooohhhh, should there be a part II to this? I suppose there should. I might not want to do that though...I get into troubbbbllllleeee on the weekends. You know it. lol

  3. Oh you KNOW you wanna write THE SEGA of the Halloween Costume! :P