Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween - Surprisingly Uneventful

Well, I have to say I have mixed feelings about how last night went.

My gal pal, Crazy J, picked me up last night to hang at Ninja Princess' place for pre-party drinks and costume completion. Always fun with those two, ever since our trip to Vegas this past July we have become a tight little threesome; all being fantastic 30-somethings with a sense of adventure when we are together.

We talked Crazy J into ditching her plans for the evening to come out with us to a local rock bar for their Halloween bash. So, the three of us and Ninja Princess' boyfriend zipped around the city, making a stop at a local bar and restaurant to visit female friend who was working as a server. We managed to score free shooters "for dressing up" from the manager, who made sure to tell us if any of us needed a date "just give [him] a call".

After a shooter and a couple glasses of the white we headed to the bar, where it was far too early, there were far to few people (that changed later of course) and I was wearing far too little clothing.  If you read my recent blog about my Halloween costume you'll understand where that statement came from.

My mood had already been set on edge before I pranced into the bar, after an argument with Ninja Princess' boyfriend about why I was seeing "The Plumber" at all anymore.  And after a brief explanation he told me I'd proved whatever I was trying to prove and I should stop seeing him.  So, he kind of pissed me off, which isn't something you want to go into a bar being. I don't blame him for being pissed about it though, the week prior The Plumber had sent Ninja Princess, my best friend, some inappropriate text messages.  I straight up confronted him about it, he gave me his lies.  But like I've told you, my friends, and The Plumber: I have no interest in being his girlfriend.  Yes, he is a sleaze, but he is also a learning tool for me.  Or maybe he's just a tool. In any case I've been honest with him about having no intentions on being more.


It just felt like an awkward evening, and while I flirted it up with a couple of guys nothing came of it - strong eye contact, some smiles, but no approaches. On one occasion a guy, who was an acquaintance of Ninja Princess' boyfriend, seemed interested in who I was after I had poked him a few times with NP's plastic devil pitch fork, pointing at me and saying "what is your name?" while we were out on the patio enjoying the crisp air of fall. Never saw him again after that.  Though one of his friends later mentioned that he liked me, to which I exclaimed my disappointment in the fact that he hadn't really talked to me.

No matter how "happy" I felt with my liquid courage I was still feeling out of my comfort zone all wrapped up in much of nothing, with fish net thigh highs and garter, black angel wings and halo; at least I had the company of my good friends. It could have been the chilly breeze on my backside, or the fear of bending over to reveal more than anyone there had bargained for, that made me feel uncomfortable and possibly therefore unapproachable.

Or maybe I am just unapproachable to men; the only exception being "The Plumber" who met me for the first time when I had just gotten done with work, was completely a frumpy mess and was only there to show him what work needed to be done on my house. Otherwise nothing.

Why don't men approach attractive women unless they are stupid drunk and aiming way out of their league? I definitely had one of those, a clinger that followed me around in his Zach Galifianakis /The Hangover look-a-like costume, complete with "baby", which I kept spearing with my fork and Ninja Princess tried to rip the head off of.

So, sorry my friends, this entry is not as interesting as it could have been or as they have been.

Blame the men.

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  1. Damn those men! Damn for them putting a damper in your mood LOL

    You need to be more confident in what you are wearing. After all, it was JUST a costume. Which by the way, you looked great in ;)

    Be glad you weren't approached...Did you really wanna go bobbing for Apples? lol