Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Men Suck: Suck Story 1

I figure in time there will be enough stories I encounter that will somehow fall under the heading 'Why Men Suck'. So with that quick intro I give you....

Why Men Suck: Suck Story 1

Tonight I had my final ruling on "Law Student" and the ruling is: 'You do suck'.

Some of you, okay probably 1 of you, if I'm lucky 2...may remember a brief mention of "The Law Student" in my 'On The Subject of Dating and Blogging" entry at the beginning of October.

We've been chatting a couple times a week for a few weeks now, having met on a popular local dating site but for reasons haven't made it past the chat. He seemed pretty nice at first, smart, a law student wanting to get into human rights law, fairly interesting.  We eventually made a date to meet at a local cafe and bakery that serves up healthy portions of made-from-scratch food.  Long story short, well, it's not even a short story.  He canceled the date about an hour before, citing homework as the perpetrator. I figured "whatever", being very unsure of the whole thing in the first place and happy to jump back into my favourite pajamas and lay on the sofa.

Now he keeps attempting to chat with me, we exchange pleasantries, some friendly banter and then all of a sudden he launches into requests that I come over, offers of giving me a massage, and now, flat out telling me he wants me.  The more I turn him down the worse it gets. This leads me to ask...

On what alternate existence does breaking a date qualify a man to a level where he feels he may say these things to someone he has never met? To a person who repeatedly turns him down? Who flat out calls him out on his pushiness?

Do men like beating their head against walls?  Do they not understand that some woman may be offended that they aren't even worth taking out on a date before you make an advance.  Even if this is not the intention, I do know that this is how it made me feel. You'd think he would have realized this when I flat out told him last week that I was offended by what he was saying.  Maybe he has a bad short term memory from being kicked in the head for being a dumb ass too many times.

I am beginning to think he is also the type guy who would say he was going into human rights law as a pick up line. Maybe I am growing ever distrusting of men, the more I date. Maybe I over analyse. Maybe dumb behavior is a tip off to finding a jerk.

Boy may be a law student, but he's sure got some things to learn about laws of attraction. 

Just a reason men suck (sucky men, I know there are good ones, and even great ones... seriously, I know some of them)


  1. Isn't that interesting? He breaks his date claiming he has a paper to work on, but the minute you have pleasantries back and've caught his attention and he no longer needs to work on that paper?

    Some of the men are quite selfish if you ask me? Then again, that can go both ways. The dating scene is becoming more about physical attraction vs intellect. At least in my personal opinion and in saying so, that itself is disgusting. In this past week, it has turned my interest off in wanting to even date LOL

    To further sum up my comment...I empathize with your being discouraged but hopefully there is SOME nice guy out there? ;)

  2. BTW, am I the only one who comments in here??? Gosh I hope that doesn't make me a blog stalker? ^-^

  3. I'm sure there are several nice guys out there...just have to figure out which rocks they are hiding under ... :P

    No worries "Anonymous", I just have to write an offensive entry then someone will post besides you;)

    Hmmmmm, what can I write that's offensive?