Monday, November 8, 2010

My ass is not for the petting...not without a free drink at least.

Saturday night Ninja Princess and I went out dancing at a local bar in The Exchange.  Four and a half hours of bumping and grinding against strangers can be a fun time - while I mostly bumped and grinded with Ninja Princess - she's just that fun with a few drinks in her;). One thing I don't get in bars (bare with me, I'm fairly new to the "club scene") is how some social lines can be so easily crossed.

A shout out to men: 

My ass (and I imagine other womens' asses) is not an animal.  If I gave you a look it wasn't a free pass to grab my ass like a 5 year old grabs a bunny at the local petting zoo.  

I appreciate that you like what you see, and feel you have to grab at it like a toddler, but maybe before you grab a womans ass you should buy her a drink.

Then again, I attacked a mans wicked 'fro like it was cotton candy and I was a starving child at the fair.  For that, I apologize to the man who I walked up behind and plunged my fingers into the soft fluffy cloud of fantasticness his well coiffed do.  I know it was a brazen move, but I'm a brazen gal...especially after a few gin and waters. Guess I should have bought him a drink:)

Yeah, his hair looked JUST LIKE THAT.
Now tell me you don't want to shove your fingers in it.


  1. Omg that was just too funny! I could totally picture you doing that! least you had fun and shoulda bought him a drink. Shame on you. LOL

  2. So you're prostituting your ass in exchange for a drink? (am I supposed to laugh? lol;)