Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Dating Blog/Writers That Are Worth Checking Out

I was perusing some dating blogs this afternoon, trying to locate some light entertainment/insight on this new casual dating thing that I am trying, and I came across two great blogs that I'd like to mention. 

The first, how very lucky to be a girl - One Woman's Interweb Dating Adventures - 'My Side of the Fence' resonates with recent new opinions/feelings I have formed regarding relationships and what it means to be single for me.

Lucky Girl hit the nail on the head with her list of the reasons she loves being single, so I decided to share 20 of her reasons that I would transport to my own list.

  • 5. I can snore without consequence, and, conversely, not be kept awake by another who does.
  • 6. A similar principle applies to farting.  Yes.  Girls pass gas, too.
  • 8. I can hog all the blankets, and all the bed.
  • 15. The only ones whining about food are my cats.
  • 16. I don’t have to clean up anyone’s mess but my own.  And the cats’, I guess.
  • 17. I can play the music of my choice, at the volume of my choice, any time of my choice.
  • 18. I can have quiet, alone time anytime I want it.
  • 19. I never have to fight for the remote control.
  • 20. This means that sports is never on my TV.  Unless the Steelers are playing.
  • 21. I can go home with whomever I want.
  • 22. Or not go home with whomever I want.
  • 23. Three words: More. Sexual. Variety. Three more: Possibly. More. Sex.
  • 24. I never have to fake an orgasm, I can give them to myself daily.  And I never have “headaches”.
  • 26. I can flirt wildly and without restraint.
  • 29. I can take care of myself.
  • 32. I don’t have to check anyone’s schedule before deciding on my own.
  • 35. I have more free time, for myself, my friends, and generally doing things that I enjoy.
  • 36. I am free to travel where and when I like.
  • 37. I don’t have to concern myself with what anyone else’s mother thinks.
  • 39. And…I put my happiness where it ought to be: First.

It's nice to know that I am not the only one who can see the benefits of being single.

Of course there could similarly be a list a reasons why one would love not being single; but I am guessing this list would be shorter, and full of more comforts and less freedom.  But maybe that's just my list.


I also really enjoyed the entry by Chicago Now blogger Jon Ibrahim.  He knows what he's talking about in his entry How Watching "Sex and the City" Can Help Guys Score

His statement that "some [woman have] changed their entire lives" based on Sex in the City is bang on; and I agree because I am one of those woman.  

When Sex in the City first came out I was much younger and appalled by the show; flash forward a few years and you have an avid fan of the quartet of strong and confident woman that makes up the characters of SITC.  The show is now my go-to after a breakup, accompanied by a glass of wine and a couple of my favourite gal pals.  

Ibrahim has earned my respect as a dating blogger, he knows what he is talking about and the more you read his entries at Chicago Now the more you know it.


So, when I go through a writing dry spell like this past week, I recommend checking out these two blogs:)

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  1. Ha ha ha, I love your list of 20 reasons why you like being single...especially number 24~

    Have you ever considered something similar to the first blogger's site? hmmm? lol

    The Photographer

    PS, ignore my tweet. I obviously wasn't paying attention. :P