Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter: It Drives Men Wild

I think the arrival of winter drives single men crazy.  Why do I think this?

In the past week I have been asked by two different guys if I would be their girlfriend; have went on a first date with a man who put up with my canceling for two different dates, three times (yes, I canceled twice in a day after calling it back on and then changing my mind again...); I have been approached by countless men in my work environment with compliments and statements of interest; and I am pretty sure I am being courted by an 80 year old man who dresses in a suit, picks me flowers, brings me baked goods and tells me I look like Hilary Swank when I wear my hair down.

(this image is on loan)

This elevation in attention coincides with the now snow covered ground of our fair city.  I think the long winter ahead is triggering a frenzy in men this year.

Meanwhile, it's the holiday season which is a busy time at work so I haven't had much energy to write.  I've been having some fun of course; I've had another date with the Icelandic Giant and a first date with a new man who has yet to get a nickname.  All good experiences so far.

With any luck I'll be back in the writing spirit soon.


  1. Interesting.
    Now you no longer interest me due to the above sentiments of yours and your previous ones.

    Plus the fact that you are astrologically predisposed to being against having any long-term intimate (not just sexual) relationships with a man after one you had before you started your weight-loss:

    //Interpretation of the 26° Gemini symbolic degree in the Mars category:
    "By the seaside, a man and a woman weep, seated on rocks."
    Romantic, melancholic, and trusting character prone to become affectively dependent. In a male chart, there is a lack of manliness, and therefore, the necessity to assert oneself more strongly.
    In a female chart, after a disappointing marriage,
    one develops a deep contempt and mistrust for men and turns down any proposal for fear of being hurt again.
    For both genders, this degree describes a mismatched couple. Marriage ends in divorce or widowhood.//

    Therefore I'll quit flirting with you and wish you have the above negatives quit happening...

  2. I seem to remember you saying you wouldn't be reading my blog anymore.

    I've had intimate (not just sexual) relationships since my weight loss; please don't act like you know me simply based on my blogging, it's offensive, as are the things you are implying.

    And this blog entry was NOT in reference to you in any way, shape OR form. Rest assured.

  3. Well it was nice to see you blogging again. I have been busy myself. But seeing that your blogs are read daily by your blog stalker, I am a little creeped out about everything that is read and critisized **in a creepy way**

    I really enjoyed commenting in some sort of relation to your daily blog but "B/S/B (BLOG STALKER BOY)" is always on standby and in my critcal opinion...if he is so harsh on critisizing you all the time...what is he going to be like with your readers that comment?

    (sad really) It's a shame you couldn't have more security control on who can read your blogs.

    Hope the winter months treat you well my friend ;)