Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Friday filled with men?

As I've mentioned before, they all can't be posts about men and dateing.  Why?  Because it's not what I primarily do.  Yes, at least twice a week I have a male-enhanced encounter and I blog about it, because as I've been told, it's way more interesting; but what about the other 5 nights of the week?  What does a single girl do on a night by herself.  Well, this single girl anyway.  I can't speak for the rest.

Feeling a cold coming on this past week, I opted for staying in on a Friday night, to maxamize my energy for Saturday night.

A Saturday night I have now named "Saturday one-hour party power-up night".  Yeah, just because it's daylight savings and we gain an extra hour to do with what we want.  Most will sleep with their extra hour.  I will, with any luck, be doing silly things, in silly situations, with my favourite silly gals, Ninja Princess and Crazy J.

This Friday night off I chose to spend some time with some men who had no choice but to spend time with me. Yup.  Fantastic "fictional" television men.

Let's just start off by saying how happy this man, and this commercial I happened upon last night, makes me:

I think I'm growing a penchant for extreemly tall red headed men, lucky for Icelandic Giant that Conan cleared the path with me for funny red heads, not generally my taste in the past.

I also spent some time with these men, not together of course, those days are past. But here they are together in a clip...

...fulfilling my need for a) short humorous Jewish men and b) humorous egotistical jack-holes.

Speaking of humourous egotistical jack-holes, I also spent a considerable amount of time with this jack-hole...

...Tosh.0...if you haven't heard of him, or seen him, your missing out on comedy based on racism, fat jokes, puke clips and many other politically and morally incorrect content.

While I was watching Tosh last night I couldn't figure out if he is playing a character or if he is indeed this much of a douche bag in real life and therefore if I like him or not.

He smiles at his own inappropriate jokes, makes fun of the elderly, the infirm, the weight-challanged; but he amuses me.  I find myself attracted to him in a way that would provide the puke-filled content his general fans are so fond of demanding from him. I'm hard pressed to figure out what exactly it is that I find both appealing and repelling about this man. Okay, so I know why I find him's the former I am really confused about.

Want another clip of him?  Check out his "I Hate" video on my archived blog entry from June 2010: Exploded Brain Matter and A Friday

Exciting Friday night, right?

If that was boring to you, then my reading of most of Nick Hornbys Housekeeping vs. Dirt and my new found fondness for his writing style will surely put you to sleep.

But, while I "went to bed" with these men, I woke up with a spectaular woman:

Not normally wearing cat ears, and mostly stationed behind a news anchor desk bringing you the news in a balls-out fashion on late night MSNBC, she is fabulous in her own right.  Snarky, smart, informed, and beautiful.

There you have it, maybe not a typical single girl night in, but pretty much my typical night in.

Yeah.  You wish you were me.

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