Friday, June 25, 2010

Exploded Brain Matter and a Friday

I don't like to hate people, things, etc.  But that doesn't mean that their isn't stuff that makes my head want to explode brain matter. Inspired by Tosh.0's new "I Hate" segments I have created my own list of dislikes, but first...

Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0): I Hate Video


(or things I dislike)
(in blog form because I just don't do vlogging)

Tangled Wires/Hangers - they need a quick release button because the Tangles Hanger Dance is only fun for so long...

Image Sources: and
Liars/Dishonesty/Misleading - shut the heck up and tell people the truth all you habitual least TRY. This list includes: BP, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, most media, most of the government and lots, and lots, of everyday people...and all the usual suspects - not to be confused with THE Usual Suspects (my insane group of friends).
Glenn Back (see: Liars/Dishonesty) (really, no explanation should be necessary)
Emotionally Unavailable Men - there is nothing wrong with having feelings, talking about your feelings or crying for that matter.  Really, grow a pair already because a real man (in my opinion) can be emotional and emotionally available.
Banana Slugs - I've walked on sidewalks covered with them - it is very unsettling.
Waiting - for almost anything

Rude/Selfish/Ignorant People - I'll combine theses because I have found that, generally, they go hand-in-hand. Like the angry guy in the grocery store yelling at the new cashier and being downright rude.  Take a deep breath dude. Think about someone else for once - don't act like your the only one that exists. This list includes: (see list for 'Liars/Dishonesty/Misleading')

People Eating My Favourite Foods Without An Inventory Update - seriously if you're gonna eat all my saltines at least tell me, so when I want some I don't have to find any empty box and be sad; or don't disguise the last tube of them (that you opened by the way)so when I pull them out of the cupboard half of them fall to the floor.  This makes me sad.  It's not just the Saltines.
Justin Beiber - it all started when I saw him on a Late Night with Jimmy Fallons saying he wants Check Norris to play him in "the" movie about his life, he may be Canadian [and I have a fondess for them] but this kid makes me want to punch him in his stupid smug face - stop singing about crap your too young to know about and get the hair out of your face.  Man, I just want to kick at him.
                         Beiber on Jimmy Fallon
(a little after the second minute the douchiness begins)

I guess that's a good list...there may be a second edition in the future.  
"Things I Dislike", inspired by Tosh.0,and the day of Friday. Brought to you by this song, which rocks; and actually isn't really brought to you by me, or them, seeing as I don't own the song and they don't know me. 
It's FRIDAY!!!

I Hate Everyone by Say Anything

P.S. I don't hate everyone but I do love this song!

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