Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yawning: Your Brains Cooling System?

A couple of weeks ago a friend told me he has heard/read that yawning is actually your brains way of colling off.  At the time I laughed at the idea, I may have even told him that it was silly.

Last night while laying in bed, the usual reel of random thoughts rushing through my brain, it occurred to me that he may be right.  I began to think of the many occasions in which I find myself yawning: after I bike; when I've been busy all day working/thinking; After I have been reading a book; after I have eaten a meal and my body begins the process of digestion.  When one yawns they assume it is because they are simply tired; thinking no further into the real process or reason for yawning.

If you look at the human body as a functioning computer and your brain as a mainframe, then yawning to cool off your brain makes a whole lot of sense.  

So after a long day at work, when your brain has been taxed to the max (I only wrote the sentence like that because 'tax' and 'max' rhyme, and that makes me laugh) it's only natural to think that a day of high level performance has overheated your brain (mainframe), and it needs to be cooled down; just like after any high level functioning activity.

Now if you yawn after reading my entries I'll know it's because your brain is overheating from the excitement of my literary prowess...hahaha 

Random evening babble.

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  1. Apparently my brain is overheating from the excitement of your literary prowess!!

    James aka mr_jmm