Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the subject of dating and blogging...

As I send myself into the trenches this evening, on yet another first date, I wonder to myself is it fair to warn potential suitors of the possibility of being "blog fodder"? Or do I just wait for them to Google my name and find out the hard way that they have been subjected to public scrutiny and that everything from what I think of them to actual snippets of conversation have ended up on the web?

In the meantime, admire my "Mehitable". He's adorable.

picture removed

Said trip to trenches postponed till next week.  Already not thrilled with the prospect of dating a student who could at any time "have to much work to do" and have to reschedule...anything.
But that's me, and sometimes it's all about me.  What time is right now?  Sometime.


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  2. I say don't bring it up until a few dates in.

    If they find it, well it's part of who you are, right? And if they ask you nicely to not blog about them then I say oblige. Otherwise, just don't use real names if at all possible. :)