Friday, October 29, 2010

Laughing at insanity, but whose?

Sometimes men are just cracked in the head.  But so am I.

After a broken date last night, "The Plumber" started sending me texts late into the evening.  

How romantic is a marriage proposal via text?  Not at all.  Making me rolls my eyes, I responded by suggesting that he is insane, on drugs or drunk, or perhaps a combination of the three.  

Cut to me three hours later, me, blissfully asleep and being woken up by repeat phone calls (seemingly hanging up on someone immediately doesn't get the point across).  Apparently I had missed other texts in my sleep, him asking to pick me up and take me to his place.  Just had to see me I guess. I decided to give in.  I was already awake anyway, and once awake it's difficult for me to get back to sleep.

So there I was, 3am, throwing a change of clothes in my bag, laughing at my new found spontaneous streak this week and contemplating my own sanity.

What preceded was an unexpected evening of being told that he would "drink my bath water"; that he was so in love with me from the minute he laid eyes on me; that I am all he can think about; marriage proposals; expressions of love and an offer for me to move in with him.  Is that what happens when you ignore a man for two weeks?  What?

I had to explain that because I am not his girlfriend that none of that made any sense.  And I made sure to spell out that I have no interest in being his girlfriend. I just had to laugh at his outbursts of telling me the I was in love with him and he could tell by the way I look at him - clearly he can't read me well because the look I give him is that of constant amusement while my internal dialogue churns out thoughts of how dumb he really must be.

After trying to watch movies over his talking, and a brief sleeping interlude (and that's ALL there was...just so we are all on the same page here), he had to be up for work and being that he loves my company so, wanted me to go with him.  So while tooling around the city in his plumbing van this morning he asks:

"Why did we get back to here"

I looked around, fained confusion, grinned, said "we've never been here before" and took a sip of my coffee.

He picked up on the smart ass come back but really wanted an answer.  He says he figures that I must really like him.

I said: "You amuse me"

He didn't seemed thrilled that he was "entertainment" to me.  

The morning brought more talks of marriage - which, if you read my blog, is not a concept I am keen on these days (guess he wasn't drunk or on drugs last night...which means he is insane) - and telling me he wanted me to have his baby (also, not something on the plate). He can't understand why I don't want to marry him and so he shuttled me home so I can get on with my day, and now I sit writing this story, still laughing at the insanity; wondering if it is his insanity I am laughing at, or my own.

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  1. I can't believe I was on a role here responding. Dang keyboard. And it was a good one. Now I don't know what all the heck I said!

    Anyways, to sum it up...I give you alot of credit for taking on this exciting journey. It gives some hope for me that maybe I can find something just as exciting without the nightmares of thinking that, that guy/girl just wrote his/her profile from the pen? :O LOL