Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrubbing connections clean

Lesson learned, as always a bit of the hard way. 
Call it a preventative measure for the future. 
If you know me in real life don't use my name in comments, and I won't use yours in my blog (which I haven't done).

Tips for new bloggers (and I really should have taken a cue from MS Chick): don't use your real name, don't link to your real Facebook page...don't.

This shyte needs more anonymity.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    There are many bloggers out there who use their real name because writing is their profession. You just have to be careful about what info is out there and stay on top of it. It's a balancing act.

  2. Ok, this version of Ms. Chick's I completely agree with. LOL

    This is why I didn't use my real name as my FB name.

    I will respect your newfound prudence. lol

    So, do I name you as the AI in the online world, or as Frankette? lolz

    Any more dung we should deal with? hehe

    TJ Freezin
    P.S. Since FB has not re-enabled my account, what's it say under the Abraham Lincoln word of "Honesty"? ;)

  3. Oh, I would make one ammendment to AI's Facebook suggestion:

    you might to do what I did (since their rules do stipulate that no one is allowed to have more than 1 FB account, even if the other one is a company account)...

    - don't use your real name
    - don't use any actual photos of yourself in your profile album
    - do use actual photos of yourself in separate non-profile albums, accessible only to FB admin, FB friends, and hackers (of which I am not one)
    - don't piss off too many people/groups, especially ones that oppose each other so that they end up joining forces and get FB admin to ban you
    (although I guess you could say that this means I contributed to the hardcore opponents to each other finally peacefully co-existing despite their differences by having them turn their hatred towards each other into loving each other in hating me, lol)

    Tj Freezin
    (not my actual name, but the FB one, that I am disabled, I haven't opened a new account)
    P.S. Artificial Intelligence, would you please forgive my innocently using your supposedly real/offline name elsewhere on this blog, since I saw it plastered elsewhere on here, not knowing that you wanted us to instead us AI or Frank or Frankette instead?
    (my forgiveness request is frivoliously sincere;)

  4. AI,

    I want your advice on something.
    But before I ask it, I'll inform you as to why.

    I notice you have the "Live Traffic Feed" application hooked up with your blog.
    Just so people don't misunderstand me and/or don't think incorrectly of me,
    how does your blog site's notifications work so I'll know when you post a new thread and when you/anyone posts comments on a thread of yours I've already commented on?
    (I'm like "Curious George" and so I don't want people to think I'm a stalker, when I'm not...I do this with organizations' websites too, not just personal websites)

    In case you missed it, here's my question again:
    //how does your blog site's notifications work so I'll know when you post a new thread and when you/anyone posts comments on a thread of yours I've already commented on?//

    I'm leaving for the country in a few hours and won't be back till tomorrow night.
    I'm avoiding the internet and computers during that time and enjoying family and the beautiful outdoors instead.
    (my "siblings", their children, and my "parents")

    I would give you advice on what to do as a "girl", but I instead view you as a woman and my advice probably wouldn't be considered anyway since I've always been a male. LOL

    Enjoy your Saturday night and Sunday!

    A little too serious this time,
    TJ Freezin

  5. I usually don't post stuff to this kind of situation, but Trevor, honestly, do you hear yourself and the numerous comments you leave in these daily blogs? It's no wonder that there is a "hate on" for you on FB group. I think you are doing it to yourself and it speaks volumes in all the comments I have read so far. Buddy, you're creepin me out and to be should really cool your jets. Just sayin....

  6. ...yes I do "hear myself".
    If I'm creeping you out, then you're thin-skinned.
    I'm the type of person people definitely should not be creeped out by.

    Thank you Frank/AI, for your response.
    If it makes you feel better, I'll not only quit responding to this blog but also quit even looking at it...