Thursday, February 2, 2012

Comfort In Animal Companions: A Journal Entry

This entry is for mostly for us, we need to start journaling a little more. Some days we're confused too much.
Today was ick. 

It's hard to keep spirits up, unusual for me.

We're a bit home sick. 

Everything in us feels unstable. 

We miss constants that we are used to.

A couple of us miss our cats (or as one would put it "my kitties")...for days now that's what's running through our head as we try to sleep. While some of us dislike cats (the cats know which ones, and respond accordingly at home), a few of us love them dearly.

Bethany used to lay under the kitchen table and play with their paws. H-Dog, the "mama's boy" used to curl up in the crook of our arm, when he felt welcome enough, and rub his head against our face, waiting to see if one of us would bite his ear and give him a kiss.
It's going to be a long time before we are re-united with them, once we go back to the states we'll only be at The Mother's for a month or so, before we start traveling around the USA for the next year. Someone "upstairs" is trying to talk us out of that trip. 

For some of us our cats have been our anchor, the many days on end we would spend just with them, the nearly two years we/TOG was trying to get the catering business off of the ground, and then when we moved out of the house and rented the apartment, and secluded ourselves as much as possible for nearly a year, from everyone possible. For some of us they were a source of annoyance, we would yell and scream at them, then later berate each other for it.

They didn't deserve to be yelled at by any of us. 
They listened to a lot the last year, they put up with a lot of yelling, not just yelling at them...but their "mama" yelling and screaming at the walls, at the thin air.
This May they will be four years old, I miss them. 

"J-Bug" - he generally dislikes his picture being taken

"H-Dog" - camera ham a.k.a "chunky monkey"

Apparently we're one cat away from being the "crazy cat ladies"...

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  1. Nah, you need more than one more cat. Otherwise, I'm fucked.