Monday, February 20, 2012


The problem with taking a couple of days off of writing is that it takes more will to start again then it does to continue.

Like hiking up a hill, once you have built up steam it`s easier to keep going, if you`re fucked.

We`re just feeling terrible today, mentally unable to write, so that`s pretty much where we stand today. Fucked.

You know what's not fun about how we are feeling right now, today? The feeling. The one we have no name for.
We're short on patience.
Our fingers keep typing things wrong, our head hurts, we feel like we want to sit in a corner and rock ourselves. It's all we can do to control it.
James will be home soon, and it's making us anxious because we can barely give ourselves the attention we need, let alone give him attention.
We turned to Twitter late in the day, after a couple of failed attempts, it was about 5:30/ started to help but now we have to go make dinner...hopefully things will level off because we've just wanted to knock our head against the wall today, we may have jabbed our elbows into it, gritting our teeth and closing our eyes. It's surprising the laptop hasn't ended up smashed to pieces today.
There's no reason for this, none that we want to explore today anyway.

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