Friday, February 3, 2012

Lazy Post

A cat post. (yesterday)
Who authorized that?

It's Friday...we might try to find a cheap bottle of wine...we're tired of being sober, and's been three weeks since we last had a drink, the weekend before we left for the UK. We might get to eat out tonight!

Of all the recent posts to read, we suggest The Double Edged Sword of Creativity and Talent ( or the 10th entry in The Chapter of Our Life.

Note to bloggers on Twitter: Next time you read a Tweet about people on Twitter not reading "your" blog or blogs, ignore it. Well over half of our unique blog hits (that means individual people) who read our blog come from Twitter. You're doing a good job, keep writing.

Hope you all have a great weekend. We're taking a day off from here. We will be adding pictures on our travelogue though, and probably doing stupid shit all over the internet. It's what we do. Plus one of us is ready for a Tumblr full of hate soon.
We're full of skippy-do-fucking-yay.

Has nothing to do with this post, but listen to that fuckin' base! Crack it up. Happy Friday!

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