Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Second Interview With 'Nothing But Show'

Fresh off the adio presses, our second interview with The Nothing But Show was last night...yep. And it was LIVE. If 
@Onezees (formerly @VagabondRoyalty) from @Nothing But Show had told us when they initially asked us we may have changed our it is. 

The pre-interview mention that starts at time mark 6:46 at this audio link: Our Second Interview with NBS  followed by...well...they were probably in the parking lot...then some girl with a cute voice talking about music...then back to stuff about us at time mark 46:56.
Some comments to what they said mostly because James 
cringed at the "pre-interview" point, and we don't want people to be confused right off the hop.

First, our disorder is NOT a disease. It's a mental illness. Some days it's hell, some days it's hard, some days are better than others, just like it is for anyone dealing with mental illness. We just don't take medication for it because there really isn't any for the base disorder (more information on that in a semi-recent entry: Treating and Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Second, we did have a boyfriend at the time of the last interview...we've been with James for just over six months, though we started seeing him on Skype before we met and started dating. (Check back Tuesday when we post the Valentine's Day story that will be posted Monday on Single Mom's Dating Diary, requested by @singlemomdate, the woman who introduced us to James/The Boyfriend)

Third, we are TEN that we know of, nine females and a male...but our "good friends" probably had a little too much to smoke in the parking lot before the interview to remember the right number. Frank is one of us, but also the name we all go by, but we prefer "Frankie".

Into the interview, not sure why we went off about the journal from Amsterdam because, well, we were too high (on weed) to journal the whole time we were there. Though the Germany and Egypt stuff is probably worth a read...

The guys (and girls) at Nothing But Show are awesome.

Hey, we sounded like we knew what we were talking about and shit! Woot!

(P.S. this serves as our Monday post, unless we feel compelled by something...hey, it's almost Monday here.)

Also, read this weekend guest posts from the wonderful Kerry Stott about Personality Disorder and then another on Therapeutic Alliance.

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