Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Candy Shoppe Day

We spent a lot of time walking today, which is not unusual, but soon it may be less usual. We walked around some nearby villages all afternoon to look at used cars because James figures it will be cheaper to get a car for the next month and a half or so, rather than rent one. This way we can go exploring even further on the weekend, maybe take a weekend trip to the North Sea, and most importantly go to Northern England to visit Kerry Stott, our guest blogger.

Sugar Mice
We stopped at a sweets shop in town center today, it just re-opened - we missed the Oompa Loopas that were coming with a photographer to celebrate the opening by an hour, we we're a little upset, we would have loved to have our picture taken with an Oompa Loompa.

We got a couple cool candies we'd never had before; flying saucers, which is an edible coloured rice paper candy with fizzy white sweet and sour powder inside, they call the powder 'sherbet'; and sugar mice, which is a candy made of fondant (sugar and glucose) containing no artificial colours or flavours. (which is common in candy here, they use fruit and vegetable based colouring agents in much of their foods). They are adorable, but we didn't like them as much as we thought we would, which is surprising because...sugar. We thought it might be fun to make a cake that looks like Swiss cheese and use them as decoration.

Playing Domino's at The Anchor 
So we walked all over the place today, we went to a village called Rowhenge and had dinner [we wrote a review, accompanied by lots of photos, of the village and restaurant on our Frank Adventures blog:], playing a game of Domino's, both James and us agree we probably played it the wrong way, but it was still a fun distraction while we waited for our food.

We were going to go to a movie tonight but I was too tired, and didn't want to go to a 9pm movie, so here I sit. James got upset at me for something silly and went for a sulk, and now he's taking a bath. I'm feeling too sad to play on Twitter tonight, though I might try to peak in and out later...who knows. He'll probably be upset we put that in the blog, about the sulking and stuff, but it's a  part of our day, and people shouldn't think our relationship with him is always perfect. Not that it should be, because perfect relationships don't exist.

Anyway, today was mostly a good day, the village is beautiful that we spent the most time in, and we had a mostly consistent day among ourselves after we stopped feeling sluggish from our adventures last night. The book we have from the pub we went to is sitting here, hopefully we get around to reading it, it is in a terrible state. Damaged on the spine, missing a page inside...but it just makes us love it all the more.

~ Cassandra et al

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