Friday, February 17, 2012

We Get Graphic

Misleading, we know. You're thinking...were's the boobs...this doesn't look graphic.

Play on words is fun. We're sometimes a smart ass...when we're not a dumb ass.

Back in November we wrote about some of the stuff we do in our spare time, notably graphic design stuff using our Tweets and some design ideas we come up with, to be put on products and such, because, well...why not? When we don't have access to canvas and paints we need some alternatives.

What, you think we just sit and waste time on Twitter all the time? Though it's no secret that we love Twitter, we do other stuff, besides play around on it, and other social media, and write...we draw, sketch and paint, learn stuff, play around with computer software, work on our therapy, come up with recipe ideas - we're not very good with just sitting and doing nothing, it causes an overwhelming feeling of ick and a little depressed, makes us feel like we're wasting our time, life and creativity. That's just us though, we're odd and mentally "ill". Creativity keeps us stay much as we can manage some days. Boredom? What's that?

We wanted this to be about why you shouldn't steal people's Tweets, about how they are intellectual property, but you know what...half the people aren't going to care. You don't...until you find one of your Tweets on a product one day, anyway, and someone is making money off of it. Then you might care.

Of course if we ever find our Tweets on products where someone is making money, well...the Library of Congress has a neat little data system where we can prove the Tweet is ours...eventually (it's called a copyright), and sue. Why not. We're American. It's the American way.

Or maybe we're not that petty. We're probably not.

The point is, Twitter is a micro-blogging website, much like this site is a "macro-blogging" site. And as such things written there (and here) are protected by copyright.

We're not going to get on a high horse about copyright infringement, though, we fully admit to the "occasional" multimedia download, it's a great way to discover new music. Don't fucking judge us...and don't steal our fucking Tweets, we use them for shit

We decided a couple of months ago that we can do fun things with the 140 character spew we create known as Tweets, have some fun, be creative, and so, we created Frank Graphic Apparel.

We decided to use a website called Printfection for the clothing designs, instead of the more popular Cafepress simply because they have a lower base price by an average of about $2 per product, and much more customization ability, which means if someone wants to buy one of our products the price for them is lower than it would be at Cafepress, and each product has the design placed where we want it. We plan to use Cafe Press for buttons and bumper stickers someday though, because Printfection doesn't have those as a product option.

[Added February 20th: Why did that paragraph get crossed out? We decided to use CafePress anyway - they have a better while the designs below will be available through Printfection for now, while we set up shop, they will also be available on even more products at CafePress soon. We're always evolving over here with stuff...sorry for any inconvenience.]

Anyway, we finally completed a nice "showcase" page for Frank Graphic Apparel because one of the gripes we have with Printfection is an ugly "store front" with poor design options. We find that what we created using a customized Blogger template looks better.

The following is an example of some of the designs and products we've created in the last couple of months, there are many available, thirteen graphic designs in total, in different sizes, colors, on a variety of different products and apparel.
Women's Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee
FoExamples of more products with this design...
Men's Form Fitted Tee
Examples of more products with this design...
Jumbo Tote Bag
Examples of more products with this design...
Women's Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee
Hooded Sweatshirt
Examples of more products with this design...
Women's Fitted Tank Tops
Examples of more products with this design...
So there you have it. Some of our designs. What we do in our copious spare time. They are all one-of-a-kind, only available through our Printfection store, and great gifts for the person who likes to have something not everyone has, and the prices are pretty good. 

Before you think we're going to make tons of money on this venture, know that we only profit $2 USD or less per item; Printfection charges a base price for the raw product and printing services. This is just a hobby, as is everything else we do. We've got other fun ideas up our sleeve too.


We're off for the weekend. We'll be back to blogging on Sunday or Monday, we're off to London to stay with a friend for the weekend and go to an art museum with James/The Boyfriend. Eat some yummy food and take a load of photos for our Adventure Blog.

It would be a great time to catch up on our blog, if you feel like it...we produce writing nearly every day and some people have told us that it's sometimes hard to keep up.

One of our favorite songs...just to share, for fun.

Highlights of what we wrote in 2011, and new stuff from 2012.
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