Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Muppets and a Mini Rant

..because, you know...why not rant a little. It's a free country, hypothetically, where we live...

We saw the The (new) Muppet movie last night, and, while we will not talk too much about the great stars that they had do cameo’s, or the funniest scenes (because we don’t want to spoil it for people) that had us giggling, clapping happily, and laughing (yeah, sometimes we do those things, what of it?!) and the music causing us to bop our heads…(except for most of the music that wasn’t classic Muppet tunes, which, no…just, NO..who wrote the new stuff. Ick!)


We WILL say…the underlying message of the movie was uplifting, and while it may not have lifted us up long (because many of us tend on a cynical bitch most of the time), it was a great message for the younger kids, with the great retro appeal reminding of a different time for the “older” folk (not THAT different, but…different...).

Two step forward and one step back, it may be a slow pace, but eventually you get there...Hopefully; though, it's altruistic to think that all of a sudden the people of the world will all stand back and realize "Wow, look at this shitty world, look at these shitty people, who have we become?!" and change.

Existence of the human race will depend on positive change...because, without things like The Muppets, we'll all be Moopets. Nobody really wants that...because, they're just not nice looking. #superficialstatement *sigh*...but the world is full of Moopets...and we miss the Muppets.

The state of the world, since The Muppets first arrived on the scene in the late 50’s is dire, full of accelerated mistrust, greed, jealousy, anger, depression, manipulation….

People will say “Well, that’s how it’s always been” but you know what? No. That’s not true. While societies have always contained elements of that, honestly, if that’s just “how humankind is”…there would be no humankind.

There are things throughout history that have complied to propagate those characteristics, those very animalistic qualities of humans; and people will use “being human”, “being an animal”, and it being “just the way it is” as an excuse to continue the behaviour…but how about being better than that? You don’t have to lose yourself, who you are, in learning to be aware of others…and you also don’t have to even like people in order to be a decent person. You just have to try to do better, and not be a complete fucking intolerant asshole all the time.

Life is short, we all fucking die in the end, what are we all fighting for? For the youth? Look at them; look at what they are learning from generations of growing, compounding self-interest, greed, hate, intolerance…

The real Muppets are back, hopefully for awhile (we saw Kermit in a commercial for Pistachios today!)…and while we’re not overly (AT ALL) excited about Disney owning them now; they bought the rights to them in 2004, after years of trying to acquire the rights; we’re happy someone dusted off the Muppets and put them back on the big screen as a classic Muppet movie feel. The Muppets have done several low-rated TV specials, and one other movie ('The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz') since Disney bought them seven years ago, but those newer movies are nothing like 'The Muppets Take Manhattan', or 'The (original) Muppet Movie', where they portray the possibilities that come from people caring and working together. We won't even mention the magic of the show, though, admittedly, what we love of them are only from syndication when we were children, we’re only 32, after all...

So what do the Muppets, and the underlying message of The Muppets (new movie), have to do with this little rant and the growing despicable and ugly characteristic of humans, and the general randomness of our entry? Figure it out.


In honour of our favourite holiday movie (yeah, depends on which one of us you ask, some of us HATE all things Christmas…but some of us have more reasons that others to dislike it)...the 1987 'A Muppet Family Christmas'...a clip to get you started (the four others are on YouTube)...but you can also find the whole one on yours (or your friends) favorite Torrent site.

Wait, so...what’s our (and other people’s) beef with Disney?

For are some biographies... while there are many biolgraphies here, no doubt backed by the company itself, the one most interesting is the book 'Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince' – yes, we’ve actually read the book…and it's enlightening, informative, and..amazing. More interesting stuff about the Disney company itself: (Special Thanks to @ChristianPlante for the link.)

So our rant, it's Saturday, we're distracted, so it might nor be great. Read more here...there are a lot of "good" links to our "better" writing here: (also, there is a tab for that page above...but...meh, whatever)

~Catherine (& et al)


  1. I don't know what to think of this post, but I just have a general curiosity about why you spell honor and favorite wrong. Do you just have a thing for old English spellings of words? Or does it have something to do with where you were raised and/or taught. Were you taught how spelling overseas when you were young?

  2. Actually we had three and a half years of university and college education outside of the United States and had to write a lot of papers (and they don't make allowances for spelling just because you are not native to their country), guess it stuck with some of us more than others, it's hard to break seven years of writing habits in a month, Nicky.

  3. If I were paying more attention I probably would have remembered that.. but I'm too broke to pay attention.. ha. #oldjoke Plus I been in this mood to pick on y'all lately for whatever reason. Like y'all need that in your life. :-/ My bad. Anyway, thanks for the explanation! Rock on! (also, just a reminder, not doing the @AmazonQR thing anymore but my NEW link is #peace