Thursday, December 8, 2011

WWII, 70 Years Later

We were going to write about the fact that 70 years ago today, in 1941, the United States entered World War II, and discuss WWII, Britain, Russia and Africa...and it's relation to American freedom, and the idea that wars are fights to preserve American freedom), and the realizations you come to if you begin to really study history. Namely that It's twisted.

Hitler was not coming to American next, though he did declared war on America, but it was more of his "duty" based on the Tripartite Pact. America did not enter the war of it's own volition, they were required to take part in it once Hitler declared war, in part due to America's embargo (also related to the Tripartite Pact) and Congresses declare of war on Japan, also 70 years today (following the attack of Pearl Harbor, which started The Pacific War). It's all very confusing, it's all intertwined, and even deeper than that, and is more than is ever covered in a high school history course; and of course it doesn't make anything Hitler did any good/better. He was insane. It just shows to illustrate how much history can change, and be turned into whatever people want it to be turned into.

That's all we're going to say about that, because...who cares about history, right? Plus, understanding the why's of WWII and, subsequently, the war with a headache, it's not cut and dry, and it has nothing to do with America being a straight-up "hero" OR "defending our homeland" it's so complicated it'll make your head spin...much like more recent history. So yeah, who cares about history anyway, it's not like you can learn anything from it. *blank stare**awkward silence*

So, instead...

Some related Disney "Fun"...because, you know...everybody loves Disney...(interesting reading? 'Walt Disney: The Dark Prince of Hollywood'

Donald Duck in an SS uniform....what does this mean?!

Oh, he came to his senses!

Just a little "nonsense" for the day.
Learning is fun.

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