Friday, December 23, 2011

Quitter, Quitter, Why We're Bitter

The goal, apparently, to try to quit drinking, to the point where we are not drinking a bottle of wine a night, or for now it's pretty much full stop.

This will be fan-fucking-tastic. #sarcasm

We're not all on board this; but a 9 hours drinking adventure with the consumption of a quarter liter (James says 3/4 litre) of vodka yesterday, and a sleepless night that included a 4am half an hour walk around the neighborhood proved we had some thinking and discussion to do.

This year we quit smoking cigarettes, quit smoking pot (a habit that put us in the league of "pot heads") now...join us while we end the year trying to quit our last evil vice...



We'll still have an occasional drink, New Years Eve we'll drink the bottle of Martini Asti sparkling wine we bought a couple of weeks ago...until then, and's going to be ugly over here.

Why not try to quit drinking during the holiday season, while under a bunch of stress, while mentally fragile...only good things can clearly come from that fucking great idea...

It's enough quitting this year to make us bitter.

~Frank et al

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We simply refuse to let alcohol be our crutch and control us...we control us, not a substance.


  1. You had to stop somewhere a long the line. Sooner the better or it would drive your well being away.
    Then you'd know what bitter really is.