Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forget Hollywood, Frankie Goes To London!

Alright, for those not hip to our Tumblr account/blog, about a week and half ago we wrote about about James having to go back to the Britain by January 20th, and a little rant on immigration (this is that entry...

How'd we meet James? If you don't know you can read more about that here:

We spent the last week discussing it with James, fretting over the finances involved, and, well...crying. (
mostly him, if we're going to be honest about it), and we came to a decision.

Bottom line is, he doesn't want to be without us (
yeah...we're that great apparently #confused), and of course, you know...we don't want to be apart from him for months either...even weeks. (sometimes days would be okay...just kidding, you). Also, we are not comfortable on a 12-16 hour flight by ourselves. It's just not something we want to try to do, maneuver through the airports on our own, deal with all the people...ugg...all.the.people. and then risk sitting next to some passenger we want to cut to pieces for the better part of 8+ hours.

So, at the risk of having no cash once we get there,
 this morning we booked two one-way flights to the London! We have just enough left in savings to get back when the time comes - a little over two months from now...and with any luck the house we have on the market will sell.

It's a good thing we're used to adapting to living on half a shoe string.


The flight leaves on the 19th of January...and as mentioned in our other post we'll be taking you all with us, through our blogs, Twitter...and our other internet ports of entry, if you so choose to continue to read about us and talk with us on Twitter.

Aside from the money issue, and general stress of finding a place to crash for a couple of months (James' flat is in the middle of a real estate sale...still), we're pretty excited to see England, and if things work out as planned 
Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy,  (once you are over there, it's really inexpensive to go to all those places...).

Of course we've done a bit of traveling before, but not...just us (
meaning our collective). This time we get to write more openly.

Then of course when we get back to the United States we'll take a little break at The Mothers again before we start off on the second portion of our as for-mentioned and duly nicknamed #2012StabbingTour, 
so we can buy the van we plan on living in for the better part of a year.
The entire travel of 2012 already has a blog dedicated to it which has a portal in a tab above (the blog address: ) so we can still write personal stuff here when needed (like we do now), as well as export travel entries that might end up here, over to there in case people don't want to read the crap that lands here...also included on the 'Our Frank Adventures' blog is a place where we can upload travel photos, and a page where we provide a map of where we plan to go/or have been in 2012.  Guess we'll see how that's only what feels like our millionth location on the world wide web...apparently the internet is our only permanent home.

Crazy you say? We never claimed not to be.

~ Joy (et al)

The travel journals written by one of us...

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  1. Oh it sounds like an adventure! I wish I had the nerve to do something like that. :)