Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Days...

Some day's it's a revolving door...if life didn't suck so much on a inner-interpersonal level we'd probably try to figure out our patterns...but we can't even keep thoughs straight sometimes. (and that means some days, when the mood moves us, you get more than one blog post to read, like today)

At least one of us is growing weary of Twitter, we love the real's the fake ones, and the ones who are fucking bitches and assholes, who have no scruples, like the horrid people around every corner of real life who spread evil because they are full of hate (or like that horrid cunt who attacked us at the begining of the week) that make us want to fry some bitch in a car fire.
You don't talk to us, or ANYBODY, like that.

*deep breath*

We know that makes us hypocritical, an eye for an eye would make the entire world blind, but in a world where evil goes unpunished, and victims are blamed...fuck that. It makes us want to be a vigilante.

Anyway, so if we seem a little brash these days, it's because Fuck.You. fake people - you trying to say Twitter isn't this, Twitter isn't that...Twitter is whatever you make it, so if you want to be a miserable cunt, and make it a miserable place, then you go ahead, but keep the amazing people, and us, out of it, because YOU.DON'T.KNOW...and you don't care...about anything but yourselves. You self-ritesous fucks. I'm so tired of people.

~Sam & et als there's the insane rambling.

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