Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh What A Year, Our 2011 In Review


And if we hadn't chronicled most of it in this much of it would have been lost among us. Of course the bits we haven't written about, the most disturbing parts, the ones that involve the systemic removal of our core alter (The Other Girl) haven't been put in this blog yet, but are being pieced together...there is a lot to explain.

But this year...

There was Frank (I) took over our system and we came out fully about our past...
...and our mental illness and found personal freedom for us in our system. There's too much written here to provide all the links, but check out the first, of many, sections of our recommendations: all the stuff we don't mention here. You'll find links to poetry we write this year, as well as paitings we have completed (we have three on the go, currently)

We broke the heart and ended the friendship with a long time friend, and on and off lover, Standby (
also mentioned in our later life stories listed above)
We fell in love with and had a somewhat scandalous affair with our friend, and manager, known in the blog as a few names, but primarily Fuck Face.
The "highlights"...
We were "harassed" by people from our recent past
Our family learned about our mental illness, we talk to The Father about it, and we found out recently The Father follows our Twitter Account

We had LOADS of problems with our rental property, a house we lived in until our last relationship ended and we decided not to stay in the house. 

We met a wonderful man on Twitter visa-a-vie this blog and our friend @singlemomdate (James/The Boyfriend) from another country, and now he lives with us
We got canned from our job of just over a year, the longest we've been able to hold down a job in 15 years...But then we got a new job in about a months time and James met Fuck Face...But then we had to leave the job and move into The Mother's basement, saying goodbye to Special Someone, to Fuck Face, and our close friend, Fabulous Person (also on Twitter with us <3)

This year we've met AMAZING people on Twitter, of note Kerry Stott, writer, mental health nurse and our guest blog writer (her most recent entry: 
Our Guest Blogger Writes About Personal Problem Solving ); as well as so many people we can't list them all here, just pay attention to the people we talk to on Twitter, those are the ones we are most thankful for. Twitter saved our life, as it has so many other people on the site, because Birds of A Feather, on Twitter, CAN Flock Together.

So here we's the end of the year. We just booked our flight to London two days ago for January, to go with James to the UK for a couple of months before we come back here and travel the United States for about a year to find a new place to settle.

Oh, and we just got on the wagon, so to speak...(we'll be hopping off tonight though, to celebrate New Years, but then we're getting back on in the morning).

So...there you have it, a year of blogging (a year and a half if we're talking about the whole thing)...there is tons to read here, we've written every single day for a year...nearly. Check out the highlights here: where we write about food, life, relationships, sex, mental illness, social media, philosophy, and so much more; and the boyfriend has some entries there, where we imported writing from his blog where he's talks about life with us.

Anyway, Happy New Year, friends, readers, followers, and all the rest. May your 2012 out-rock your 2011 in every way imaginable.

From ALL of us, to ALL of you...

Hugs, kisses, licks, giggles, stabs, bites, scratches, kicks, glitter and rainbows (in no particular order)

~ Frank, Bethany, Catherine, Cassandra, Brooke, Joy, Ivy, Emmie, Sam, Melody

(New years resolutions? We never make them past "Have a happy year")

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  1. Oh Frankie,
    Getting to know you has brought so many things to me: knowledge about DID, lust, giggles, tears for the very young you that was treated so badly, joy, amazement. I've often wanted to dance with you in the frozen foods aisle, and I will.
    Licks & Giggles to All of You, my friend.