Monday, January 2, 2012

Slow Burn In The Switch

We want to be comatose, to stay in bed until it's over...immobile. Un-moving.

The worst days are the days like today where every single voice, every single touch, every single movement on the outside makes the inside of our head scream, not with pain, but with irritation, anger, confusion.  Why is this? Why do we get so 
agitated mid switch but only sometimes. 

I don't know why this happens. It scares some of us, causes us to feel angry, makes us want to kick and scream. 
It feels like a mess in our head, disorganized, unclear. We want to lay in bed and stare at something to center our mind and to find a calm place until it's ignore it even.

I really don't like this...the short bit of time before the makes me uncomfortable, I'm not comfortable with feelings...this makes me feel, for lack of a better word, gross. Really hope I don't end up being here long today.

~Melody (& Brooke)

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