Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Projects: A Journal Entry

We have a culinary degree, well some of us. Never is there more indication of our varied abilities and education variances than when we can't remember the proper way to boil pasta. Do we put it in cold water and bring it to a boil, or boil the water and then add the pasta?! That's culinary school 101 for fuck sake.

That was yesterday. Maybe she (Ivy) can't cook, but she's an artist, and definitely can inspire some of us in our cooking. She started working on some cool new projects, which we're mostly keeping under wraps for the time being, sharing it with key people we trust, before we unveil it here. What we can say is if you are a person who uses creative therapy (writing, poetry, art, music, dance, etc.) to manage and express your struggles, or experiences, with mental health issues, then we're going to want to hear from you, whether it's a blog, or you want it to have a presence on the web. That's all we're saying about that, for now.

We only fear for anything we start because what appears to be procrastination to others is more of a struggle between us, some of us don't want to have any part of certain projects we undertake, particularly this one,  which some of us wanted to start almost a year ago, in a slightly different form, meaning it's hard to get some of us to work on the things we need to work on. This blog is really the only exception, and some days it's a struggle.
Untitled India Ink on paper
by Frank et al,  2003
We're hopeful though, that we can find a partner outside of ourselves, down the road, to help work on the project.

We have too many projects.

Yesterday Ivy bought some India ink, and the appropriate nibs and handle for doing some artwork. We've only done a couple India, our best being Untitled. It's been almost years since she picked up the ink.

Meanwhile, our sleeping schedule is off the charts again. Thankfully we're getting 6-8 hours, which is awesome...but it's turning into a 4am bedtime...we'd like to blame Twitter, but we really can't. Our mind reels with communication, the good kind lately, for the most part, but also massive headaches.

Thankfully writing helps, and we can go back and see what we've written to each other and try to find some understanding.

Tonight after James gets done with work we'll be off to get the car he purchased Monday night on Ebay. We have to take a train to a nearby village where the man we bought it from will pick us up at the station. We're pretty excited for wheels.

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