Friday, February 24, 2012

A Drunken Update

Weeeee. We pub crawled, in the small town where we are temporarily residing, with James/The Boyfriend tonight.

Yes, I indeed "procured" a 1865 edition of a Dickens book entitled  'Our Mutual Friends'...volume 2 of The Novels of Charles Dickens, from a pub this evening, as indicted in a Tweet. Or as, tonight, we, mostly, like to say, LIBERATED...

I shall read it when I can. I am excited to do so, simply based on a couple of sentences.

While we fell and injured our hand on the walk home, we are thankfully okay, despite some tears. We don't drink much these that's probably why. We are currently plagued with hiccups but hopeful for respite.

Inebriated I shall sleep, with happy dreams, hopefully.

~ Ivy

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