Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London: Part 1 - Hangin' with Dickens' Ghost at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Our newest entry, written today on our Travelogue...we'll start you here and it will bring you to the entire entry*, where there are some pictures and the rest of the story...
We went to London for the first time this past weekend. 
To say we had a good time IN London would be an overstatement, though it wasn't all bad.
Sorry, we love to travel,  but many of us detest tourists, and while there are a couple of attractions we'd like to see eventually; mostly museums related to art and history, and a cartoon museum...that off the top of our head; there just was no patience within us Saturday to do any of those things. We cannot tolerate long lines full of strollers of crying children, and unaware parents. 
We made it as far as going into the Tate, The British and International Modern and Contemporary Art, only to end up turning around and leaving before seeing any art. 
We will go another day, not on a weekend. We'll be able to do that since after we leave England in April we will have to come back in September, at which time we will stay in London and be an actual tourist. 
One of the best things we did in London was eat. Of course. Eating was something everyone involved that day could agree on, as well as loads of walking. 
For lunch we ended up at a gourmet hamburger shop called The Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the shadow of St. Pauls Catherdral. GBK is actually a chain restaurant with 57 locations, and to the average Londoner, or European, it probably has mostly average burgers; however, as an American, and a foodie, one of the...
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*the reason we only put a partial here, and send you to the blog where the whole text is, instead of copy it all here, is because when Google crawls websites it searches for duplicated content and if it finds too many entries that are duplicate they sometimes refuse to include you in their search directory.

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