Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wheels For Exploration

(Not an image we own...)
James/The Boyfriend bought a car today (on Ebay of all places), it's a manual of some sort, and of course made for Britain, so it's likely we won't be able to drive it because a) we don't know how to drive a manual (though an ex boyfriend tried to teach one of us back when we were about 20 years old) b) the steering wheel is on the opposite side as it is in America and c) well...they drive on the other (left) side of the road here too. While we spent weeks driving around Germany in 2009 (?), the cars there have the steering wheel on the same side as the cars in America, and they drive on the right ("right"?) side of the road. So we get to be a passenger. We're good at that.

He decided that rather than spend money on rentals (which would be more expensive than the car he bought) it would be a better idea to buy a car, and then sell it before we leave in a couple of months, or store it at a friends house, until we come back in for awhile in September.

It's good timing too, the car purchase, because any day now the flat sale will (finally) be completed and we'll have to move out...and with the need for a place for only a month or so, and not being flush with cash, we may end up spending a couple nights in the car until we can figure out how to work around the issues of leases, or very expensive extended stay hotel options. On the upside maybe we'll be somewhere with a fridge so we can stop worrying about the state of the meats and dairy products not being chilled properly. Good thing most of us have a stomach of steel. (In DID/MPD it is not unusual that some of us have different allergies, different intolerance levels, or different sensitivities, some of us also have massively different pain thresholds, which is extremely common with the "disorder".)

In the meantime now we can be more mobile on the weekends. Time to explore Britain!! And take more pictures! If you want to see some of our most recent pictures of England head over to Our Frank Adventures (, the blog dedicated to the next year plus of our travel experiences.

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