Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Of Those Days

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We had a day that we'll never forget, and even though we all weren't present...it was one of those days.

We also put the official offer on the property, signed, sealed and delivered. The Father, dad, went out to look at it with us yesterday, and we went for a walk out in the woods attached to it, part of the property, and it was a nice time. Found out the big tree we thought was an oak, is actually a weeping willow, (which one of us fancies putting a swim on) and there is a nice sized apple tree, some lilac bushes, a few maples, and a blue spruce in the front yard, as well as sumac, birch and a whole bunch of pine, and many other types of trees on the 40 acre property, or as we'd call it, "The back 20".

We're excited, We're so excited. James is excited. We're all trying to keep it cool.

We'll find out what they say in less than 48 hours. It's likely they'll counter, which will be better than a rejection.

Whose life is this?!

We've come so far in just over a year. Life is completely different. Last year this time we still hadn't been fired from that job, we were single (even though we had already met James), and we were living in a city. Now we've been to England, lived there for four months, went on a big road trip of the USA, got to see New York City...and everything in between. Meeting people from Twitter at the Detroit Tweetup for the first time, not to mention Kerry, Serenity, Alley.
It's like a fantasy.

Now it's completely different; and while each day is different, and we still struggle mentally, it's...better, for now. We want to relish it, bite juicy chunks out and let the juices drip down our mouth, preserve it for the cold months.

It's also summer; and we're not sure, but at least one of us might suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), we can feel the difference between winter months, and summer months, she tells us of worsening depression during that time. It's probably best not to dwell too much on it for now.
Then, we've also been too busy since getting back to the states to even sit and think, or work on mapping therapy, or...do anything but enjoy each day. Once we get back to "reality" that might shift.

Soon, soon we will have to sit down and take roll call, really pay attention to each other, rather than let each other go off and do whatever, whenever, however.

But every so often it's important to relax the mental chains; and summer is the best time for it, no?

Grab it, and bite into it, for it is ever fleeting.

~ Frankie (& Ivy)

Because LOVE.

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