Monday, June 18, 2012

A Short...

Tomorrow we're going to look at a 20 acre plot of land about 5 hours from where we currently are (and visit The Father again!).

If you haven't read the last few days of posts...we're starting a farm where we can raise animals, have a garden, paint and write.

Of course that will be when we return from the year or so in the UK, but there's nothing wrong with investing in the property now. (ever wonder where our cash comes from? You need only ask, but we'll tell you...the short end of the answer is money from a terrible car accident seven years ago, that we invested in a house we lived in for a few years that we recently sold...we're not rich, we have a very small finite amount of money, we've paid off all of our debts, and choose to invest in wisely at each opportunity)

We're hoping for a good deal, and a happy investment.

And yes, that new face avi we've been using occasionally on Twitter is our face.

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