Monday, June 25, 2012

The Start Of Something New

Making the first offer on 40 acres of property, that we are in love with, today. Of course it's a ridiculously low offer to start...but you know, we're hardly ever ones to do non-embarrassing things.

We also have some other crazy fucking stuff going on today (or tomorrow if we can't get our ass out the door in time). Of course it's stuff we're actually not going to write about for a long time, because some things we keep private (shocking, right?) and don't need to be recorded for memoires sake.

Just found out we have to take a a five hour drive to sign the paperwork, so we'll probably be m.i.a. from the internet for a day. The area we are driving through has limited mobile signal.

This week could be an interesting week.

We're changing our life.

Wish good things!

~ Frank et al

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