Saturday, June 16, 2012

Random Journal Entry

Today was a good day.

We're working on getting back into writing every day, so bare with us as we write shit like this.

Started on some laundry today (crazy amounts of travel laundry!) and went grocery shopping. The Mother and Stepdad are at the lake for the weekend, and will be every weekend until we go back to the UK, so it's a nice relaxing time, mostly.

We made a great dinner of pork chops with pasta, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms for dinner using a pesto (on the chops and in the pasta) we picked up in Boston at the Sunday Market a couple of weeks ago, which we'll be writing about for our other blog, hopefully this week.

Mostly we've been talking with James about where we will live when we come back to the states. These decisions are going to take time and communication. He's been looking up information on country living in the United States, as well as ways to make income with a farm. It'll be a lot of work, of course. We sent The Father a message about it and he says it sounds like a good idea for us, and that growing your own vegetables and such is "the way of the future". We tend to agree, particularly with (most of) our love of non-GMO and non-HFCS/MSG laden foods.

We're also keeping our options open, for our own mental health.

That's it, it's all we've got for today. It's mostly nice being back "home", save the trip to the grocery store where we almost got into an argument with some hick guy who thought we were looking at him, apparently in the wrong way, or a way that made him uncomfortable, or something. (we get that a lot...)

We're leaving you with two, of the many, photos we took at the Chicago SHEDD Aquarium (, they had their Jellies exhibit this year, it was the best part of the whole aquarium (save the dolphin, of course). So magical seeming...the other photos (even better than these two) will definitely be appearing on our Travelogue.

Tiger Jellyfish at the SHEDD Aquarium

(c) 2012 Frank Ly et al
2012 (c) Frank Ly et al

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