Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travel Journal Entry: Heading Home...

Said goodbye to New York and New Jersey today, took a quick trip to see Nick Twist for lunch and headed west. We're going to go back to New York City one day, it's destiny. (plus, we didn't see one single tourist site, but for taking pictures from afar)

There's lots to write, but it's late. We stopped at about 11:15pm at a small (population: about 800) mountain town for the night, the headlights on the car are weak, and it's less than thrilled with the nearly 4000+ miles we have put on it in the last few weeks. Not to mention James called pulled over in Pennsylvania a few hours, it's best we stopped the night. Rest.

Tomorrow we're back on the road, hoping for a better day. Spending this much time in such close quarters with someone, no matter how much you like/love them...can't be healthy. Certainly gives you a lot of time to talk though...or not talk.

We'll hopefully be stopping to meet Single Mom Date (@SingleMomDate), the woman who introduced James (The Boyfriend) to us over a year ago, tomorrow. We owe her dinner and a hug.

We've got about three nights left before we finally get near enough to home to breath deep.

It will be nice to be back in our own bed, to hug our cats, to cook our own food, to sleep...for a long long time.

It's just a month and a half before we have to leave for the UK/Europe again with James. We're already exhausted just thinking about that trip.

We're exhausted being us.

~ et al

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