Friday, June 15, 2012

Home, Safe and Sound

We're home. It feels like we were never gone.

*big sigh*

Now back to writing, and painting, and biking (to lose some weight before heading back to the UK), cooking and working on projects.

We did a lot of things the last few days, visited Baby Brother, looked at loads of real estate in the city where he lives and also in the state in which he lives.

We're leaning towards seclusion in the country these days, some acreage, some chickens and goats...maybe a rabbit. Who knows. That was today. It's hard to decide for us because we each have our "ideal" when it comes to where to live, some of us prefer urban, some the country...only one likes the idea of a suburbia TYPE setting. And then there is James to consider, and what he wants, where he wants to live.

Luckily we have some time, but we could find something before we leave, then let it sit for the year, to a year and a half, that we'll be in Europe.

In any case, we're home. Safe and sound. We'll be calculating the mileage we put on that poor car, as well as slowly working on some travel entries about what we did.

Summer, home, relaxation. Staying in one place until the beginning of August. This all sounds good.

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