Friday, June 8, 2012

Cutting The Cord

First day in New York City was a little turbulent. We'll have to write more about this trip when we get back home. We've been far too stressed for almost the entire trip, and the fun has been sucked out of almost the whole thing. Tonight was the last straw.

We're cancelling the rest of our road trip, slicing off a week, as soon as we're done in New York we'll be headed back home, if we can muster two more days (the plan is to leave on Sunday) with a stop to visit Baby Brother on the way, maybe a stop or two if the people who wanted to see us have a backyard for our tent. Camping is even too expensive now.

We're cutting the cord, so to speak. Letting this experience go.

We probably won't get to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building. At least we saw Rockefeller Center, Times Square and a portion of Central Park (it's wonderful). Have yet to taste anything New York. Apparently "we're" concerned about calories.

We've always been good at travelling, we've done loads of it in the past. This is...different. This trip isn't working. Lots of things are not working.

We had a plan for a West Coast trip following the 4th of July, but we're reconsidering it. We're spending too much money on this one and it feels...for a lack of a better word...gross. Icky. Salty with tears.

It tastes and feels like failure, on so many levels.

Today's "highlights"?:

Missing one of the last buses from New York City back to New Jersey and not being able to tolerate the NYC Port Authority Terminal for ANOTHER hour, so spent $62 dollars on a taxi (flat rate, $50 plus the $12 Lincoln Tunnel Toll), after having skipped grabbing a bite to eat in order to save a little cash to get back to the hotel. Where we found out our primary e-mail account was hacked from Saudi Arabia last night. Now we're sitting in a hotel in New Jersey listening to heavy traffic and two very clearly drunk Mexicans cuss, swear and slam doors at 2am in the morning.

Did we mention James hated New York after the first half an hour? Not because of the people, or anything. Just because it's not what he expected. This is the place we've been dreaming of visiting for our entire life (so far, aside from missing the bus, we love it).
Two more days of being in the city (hopefully)'s not fun when the only person outside your head you are travelling with hates it as much as some of the one inside our head trying to ruin the whole trip  for us. A once in a lifetime kind of trip.

So, that sucks.

Fail. FOL, FML


  1. I adored NYC both times that I've been fortunate enough to visit. I still want to live there. I'm saddened, Frankie, that "The Great Stabbing Trip" has just not been, I guess the word may be "right". I stil would love to meet both you and James if you can make it to Milwaukee. Sends you a long massage with scented oils and your very favorite brand of wine.